Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Baby Sports Institute II

Joke Central:

Joke 101
: Mrs. Hillar was such a devoted churchgoer. Since joining the local church, she'd developed such a good friendship relationship with Rev. Jesse. The two could scent the others from distance. One night, Billy, Mrs. Hillar's husband, came home late from work. He somehow managed to make the fresh coffee pot. While waiting for the coffee to brew, he banged his dick on the coffee table. Mrs. Hillar heard the noise. She asked loudly from the bedroom:"Is that you, Jesse?".

Joke 102: One morning, the woman came to work with the big smile on her face. Her co-worker supprised:"Good morning. I'm glad you're happy". The woman excited:"My husband bought me the dog for our anniversary. He's so cute, playful". A few weeks later, the woman showed up with the dog at work with the red eyes. The same co-worker concerned:"What happened?". The woman replied tearfully:"I cannot sleep with two guys, my husband & the dog, both snore. Please find him a new, good home".

101 WAYS TO WALK YOUR PUPPY: The child-less couple got the puppy for their anniversary. The wife played with the puppy, while the husband at work. One day, the husband came home from work with the big smile on his face. He said:"Honey, I bought you the new edition of the Chinese cookbook". The wife wondered:"What's the title?". He replied:"101 ways to walk your puppy". The wife got mad:"You see, how cute, playful it is. You wanna eat it. You, bastard...". Then she chased him with the baton upstairs. She cut him off sexually for one week.


BABY SPORTS NEWS ARCHIVE: I don't have the internet at home. So, I learn when I can, where I can on the daily basis, baby. Email:

The Week In Review:

Apollo 11 Anniversary


Judge Sotomayor confirmed.

Business: July 13 - 18 Delta Virgin Blue: US - Aussie roundtrip honeymoon agreement - The New Battle: Microsoft v. Google / Google YouTube - Microsoft Yahoo / - Pet Airways - Low cost Wal-Mart restructured. July 20 - 25 Barnes & Noble v. Amazon. Aug. 1 Frontier Southwest? Aug. 14 Republic Frontier: What's the Republic expansion plan w/ the Frontier acquisition? I can see this: the Frontier Republic alliance can use Minneapolis, MN, and O'Hare, Ill as Midwestern hubs to connect the West.

Daily life: July 13 - 18 Extra Money, Please - Foods Prices Falling? - New NAACP Mindset?.

Arts & Culture:

Opera great Dame Kiri to retire -[]- "What is democracy?

Countries/International business: July 13 - 18 Singapore, Asia's Switzerland//Currency - Baby Sports' World Cup Soccer 2010: What strike? - Deseret Commercial Development - Aug. 11 * Germany's BMW in Japanese's worldwide sport bike territory

Entrepreneur Corner: Business Week

Experiment: Aug. 26 Seawater turned into jet fuel? - Brain size studies

Extraordinary: July 13 - 18 Overcoming Disability - Ethiopia's struggle filmed - Respectfully, the African press on Pres. Obama's visit. July 20 - 25 New 7 Wonders of Nature?

Worldwide Galleries -[]- China/Taiwan documentary What could have been?

International press review: July 13 - 18 Oddly Enough - Other Daily News
- Lowy Institute - The Latest Japanese business.

Images of The Week: Portraits of War - July 13 - 18 Animals


Ghost(s) in Brewers baseball? Bud Selig to sleep in that haunted Milwaukee hotel??


_____________________________30 MINUTES_____________________________

This Is 30 MINUTES, a news division of Baby Sports Institute. A Baby Sports Study Under Difficult Circumstances.

Monday, Aug. 17, 2009


Solar Business in Midwestern States? - Manic Monday in Chicago, Ill? - The Curse of Arizona? - Northern Cali wilfires over? - Oh No, Reader's Digest

Books: Is there still black and white in American literature? Black books v. White books? These nonsense discriminations are ridiculous.....


Pirates latest - Boeing - Airbus aviation war continues - Kung Fu Vacancy? - Taiwanese gone swimming. Taiwan mourns


A look at how RIM responses to Microsoft Nokia, Apple's


This week's movies recap Julie & Julia - Meryl Streep is molding Amy Adams - the acting paths of Meryl Streep & Amy Adam. The outstanding acting of both Meryl Streep & Amy Adams in Doubt earned her a well-deserved Oscar nomination.


Geneva Conventions


MLB: Red Sox dropped consecutive series @ NYY, @ Texas, respectively. Has lost 6 of last 7 & a half game behind Texas in Wild Card - Royals, Astros, A's, all avoided swept in their late inning rallies.

NFL: Vick Eagles football jersey on sale

Track & Field: Jamaica's Usain Bolt bested USA's Gay in Berlin

Soccer: * This year's UEFA awards list

Baby Sports' Endorsements for this year's UEFA awards:

Goalkeeper of The Year: Petr Cech -(Chelsea)
Defender of The Year: Gerard Pique -(Barcelona)
Midfielder of The Year: Steven Gerrard -(Liverpool)
Forward of the Year: Samuel Eto'o -(Barcelona, now w/ Inter Milan)

Image(s) of The Day: - Weird Animals

Tuesday, Aug. 18, 2009


What's next, Jesse? - Ancient skeleton auctioned - Hurricane season begins: The retail businesses are praying:"Come here, hurricanes. My retail sales have been slow, due to recession. Hurricanes, storms, tornadoes, earthquakes gotta get here to shake this part of the earth up so I can sale whatever, bottled water, all kind of supplies, etc. - The World 's largest Water pump built in the Big sin, Big easy New Orleans

Faith news: What's the matter?


Asia: - Japan No.1 in the high tech terms. Ex: the newest super computer - Africa: Pyramid tourism - South America: Bolivia's resources * Related news: Indigenous music * - - Europe: Tourism has become expensive for the regular forks. The currency exchange rate reflects it.


AL Wild Card: Rangers 1 game ahead of Red Sox, after 8-5 win over Twins on Monday night - Red Sox @ B'Jays at 4:05 pt ** Twins @ Rangers at 5:05 pt

Rangers playoff push??

NL Central: Brewers @ Pirates at 4:05 pt []- Cubs @ Padres - Cardinals @ Dodgers, both at 7:05 pt

Track & Field:

Jamaica's Bolt wins in 200m in Berlin

Wednesday, Aug. 19, 2009

Good Morning from Baby Sports Institute. This is 30 MINUTES


Every Wednesday, Baby Sports studies a State.

This week: West Virginia - The WVA Facts

A little, rural WVA survey: Town wanna play: How about building the bingo facility, too. More revenue? -[]- ...In recession? -[]- Grants for Algriculture Projects -[]- The Amish community reflected in their own ways of doing things such as their paper business -[]- Tourism expansion? -[]- Sitting on WVA lap - Fall outdoor festivities


Inflation? - $$ to lose the purchasing power?


Digging into Mozart death


Drink responsively - Mercury contamination?


India Pakistan from past to present


Rangers & BoSox tied in AL Wild Card - AL/NL Wild Card

In the NL: Rockies @ Nats - SF Giants @ Reds, both at 4:05 pt [] Braves @ NYM - Marlins @ Astros, at 4:10 pt, 5:05 pt, respcetively [] Cubs @ Padres - Cardinals @ Dodgers, at 7:05 pt

Thursday, Aug. 20, 2009

Good Evening. This is 30 Minutes.


Walks to help the homeless - Freedom soccer - California outdoor Gold digging in California. The paper money may be inflated from time to time, but gold is stable - In your backyard A good way of saving the grocery money

Weather: Baby Sports' weather is hot as fucked......100+ degree heat.


Singapore's elementary edu. system - UN: World Humanitarian Day? - Latest pictures


The Seat Belt at 50

Face Value:

Kay Ryan: the 16th poetry ambassador of the U.S


Track & Field:

Jamaica's Usain Bolt set new WR in 200m - Team USA wins golds in Berlin

Monday Aug. 24, 2009

U.S: - $ Children School Bus Cut?

Texas: Gas Faith Outstanding - New Mexico: Ancient Artifacts found in Santa Fe - Minnesota: Goat meat on sale - Wisconsin: What tax? To be or not to be taxable - South Carolina: Good deal? 2 millions $ for 16 teeth pulled - Northern Cali.: Beef recalled


Southwest Latest The economic flying bus, Southwest, to offer inflight internet

Stimulus: the next line-up: Refrid. - Science Research? What the fuck is next? Are all things stimulus these days? Joke: how about Baby Sports stimulus?

Health care: Dems. swift boat radio to be continued?

Religions: Ramadan/Muslim archive - Fat Buddha/ Related religious news

Baby Sports is a Catholic.


Middle East: Israel Sweden at odds - Israel re-positioned? - Around the world's conflict zones in 1 minute: Brent Scowcroft's opinion


Shag detour in the off season - What acid attack film? - Dancing without borders


MLB: Cubs, Reds, Rangers all avoided swept by winning Game 3 of their respective series.
Series upset: CWS lost 2 of 3 to Orioles, Mariners 2 of 3 to Indians. Brewers to conclude the 4 game series v. Nationals today.

AL/NL Wild Cards

Tuesday Aug. 25, 2009


Louisiana: Katrina art?? - Missouri: A Singing Principle - South Carolina: $ 260M Powerball ticket - Arizona: FLDS sect's Ariz. land for sale


Australia: Tax free? - The Good Samatarans without Borders


Galileo's telescope at 400

Health: Hormone study - Are you horny today, baby?

Low carb latest - FDA investigation: Bad Drug causes liver damage - Bad, Raw Cookies

Wednesday Aug. 26, 2009


Every Wednesday, Baby sports studies a State.

This Week: Nebraska - The Nebraska Facts

A little Nebraska survey: Water shortage - Beers fight in the hearthland: Prices up Anheuser Busch -[]- No "Fan Cans" beer? Why not?: What's the matter with Tom Osborne? - A Local Face Value: A Life Reflection - Agriculture: Good year, so far? * related news * soybean: to be or not to be resistant - Health care: How Nebraskans react? Are the people of Nebraska receptive to the Obama health care proposal

To be continued, later


Champions League's draw tomorrow


Ted Kennedy


Thursday Aug. 27, 2009

Good Evening. This is 30 Minutes


Chicago Mc Donald's $1 breakfast items - Postal Service lost, currently seeking workforce reduction - Stanley Steamer's: the 103 yrs. old land speed record broken in the California desert. * Archive

Solar Energy: The naked truth?

Life: The story of Eric Frimpong

The story of the Ghanan youngster, E. Frimpong, who guilded the no named UC-SB to one of NCAA's greatest soccer upset

The real life discrimination, persecution. The goodness & courage of the ordinary people who rushed to his defense

Was the conviction a setup? They couldn't beat the guy on the soccer field. They went after his private life w/ the persecution tool in the country that preaches equality


Soccer: UCL group stage draw

Wintery football: Manchester United to face the difficult matches @ CSKA, @ Wolfsburg, respectively, in the frigid temperature.

MLB: -

Yesterday's MLB recap: Angels, Blue Jays avoided swept in their respective game 3 win, respectively.



Monday Aug. 31, 2009

Good Evening. This is 30 Minutes.


Town of The Year?: Elko, NV. A walk through Elko, NV. ** Gallery ** Archive **

Life: "The Archer Friendly Club": Happy 93rd anniversary .. in advance from Baby Sports

Business: Goodyear's labor agreement?

Consumer News: "Tobacco Act" latest

Technology News: Toyota tech latest


In Remembrance: On this day, Aug. 31, 97, The People's Princess Diana died in the Paris car crash, while Britain slept. She died but her charitable works such as The Inter. Campaign to Ban Landmines, a campaign that went on to win the Nobel Peace Prize in that same year, live on in term influencing positively in the lives of other people around the globe -

Anniversary: Internet at 40

Inter. Weather: * daily


WNBA: * Standings

Playoff Fight:

East: Wash. Mystics - Chicago Sky - Connecticut Sun - Detroit Shock

West: SA Silver Stars - Minnesota Lynx


Tuesday Sept. 1, 2009


Idaho: Bible suit. "Alive after five" is one of the kind summer beer party in Boise, baby -[]-Pittsburgh: Learn

Commercial aviation business: After failing to acquire Frontier, Southwest Airlines latest * Related news, latest fares

Auto news: Tata latest(India). Tennessee's Volkswagen expansion(U.S)


Japan U.S: No bases agreement ** Related news: Japanese new missile shield? - Japan US relations


Are energy drinks BAD for your health? * Supplement article


Oscars latest


WNBA: Scoreboard

Wednesday Sept. 2, 2009


Every Wednesday, Baby Sports studies a State.

This Week: Mississippi - The Mississippi facts

Like Rome, the capital city of Italy, and the Vatican, whenever people go through Miss., they gotta visit Biloxi, the economic engine of Miss, often illustrated in John Grisham novels, The Partner for example.

A little Mississippi survey: A local charity? - Housing in the post Katrina - Hurricane stimulus? - Biloxi: The State of Biloxi gaming during the recession * Supplement article
- Faith news: Southern style - Agriculture: Archive * Related news * - Outdoors: Goose hunting season begins - Supplement article

In Remembrance: Freedom Ride Commemoration?

Business: BP, British Petroleum, latest Archive: * 150 yrs. ago * - Commercial Aviation: Airbus latest(U.S)


Thursday, Sept. 3, 2009


Good Stimulus - Seniors News: Community Living

Agriculture: Pork support?? Joke: The govt. eats too much pork

Technology: Picture messaging??

Animals related: Oregon, The "Animal Friendly" State?


Pacific: Military Exercise?? - India: Fuel shortage again? - Middle East: Iran Latest * Supplement article

Archaeology: Isl. ancient wall uncovered


Wanna star in movies??


Soccer: * U.S Open Cup recap Seattle Sounders 2 D.C United 1 The newly expansion Seattle Sounders got the fine team, good fan bases from Northern California, Oregon and Washington.


Oakland A's news: Freemont or San Jose?

Tuesday Sept 8, 2009

Good evening. This is 30 Minutes.


San Fran: Cat protection in SF?? -[]- Hell No -[]- National: New regulations on Internet monitoring? - A Community Service: Good deeds

Faith News: Timeless faith

Place Value: Argonne National Laboratory reinvented itself


Gold price latest : Not surprise at all. SEE Baby Sports post, A walk through Elko NV, up there last Monday, Aug. 31. Quiz: Nevada itself is the world's fourth largest gold exporter behind which countries?


Afghanistan/Germany - Care Humanitarian Reportage Award

Science: The re-enactment of Charles Darwin's voyage - * Archive


Baby Storm * Related storm/hurricane news * Archive


WNBA: Today's games * Standings


Wednesday Sept 9, 2009


Every Wednesday, Baby Sports studies a State

This Week: Alaska -[]- The Alaska Facts -[]- Archive: The purchase of Alaska

A little Alaska survey: Free oil money? * Archive * -[]- Summer fishing jobs - The cost of living(according to the independent study): much more expensive than the mainland U.S - Environment: Hard waters?? - Outdoors - A local community service

America's artic defense: stimulus money to the Alaska bases

Oil & Gas Briefs

The energy story of an Alaska town, Galena: Utility predicament -[]- Potential forgein investment?

Tourism: Cruise industry in dismay?? * Related news

Animals: Moose Cooking: Eat it -[]- Magnificient Landscapes


Thursday Sept. 10, 2009


"Radar v. GPS"

Defense news: Raytheon Are their products overpriced? -[]-

Consumer news: Japan & Montana beef The Japanese beef business: What the Japanese did was that they purchased the ranches in Montana. Then they imported the beef to Japan. Just like assembling cars in the Southern plants * The little survey: What went wrong, baby? -[]-Green onion recall?


Venezuela/Russia The trouble spot

Weird news: Around the world in 30 seconds -[]- Bangladesh


WNBA: Today's games

NFL: Week 1 games

Olympics 2010: The countdown -[]- Olympics host's bad side

Tennis: 2009 US Open



Monday & Tuesday Sept. 14 - 15

30 Minutes was OFF for two days, due to national sex week. When the moon is NOT full, it's poochipoo, coochicoo time, baby.


Wednesday Sept. 16, 2009


Every Wednesday, Baby Sports studies a State.

This week: Arizona * The Arizona facts

A little Arizona survey:

Proposition 202 Revisited In the 2002 mid term election, the Arizona State govt. proposed Prop. 202 that required the Arizona's Indians to pay $ 200 millions yearly to the State. Why Proposition 202 was controversial? Did the AZ State govt. use Prop. 202 as a LEGAL thievery to steal $ 200 millions legally, yearly, respectively, from the Indians, who operate the casinos on their reservations, the federal land NOT in the Arizona jurisdictions. 200 millions a year: Instead of giving the Indians affordable housing, education, etc., the Arizona authorities have been mistreating the Indians across the State. * Related news: A local FD's brand new ambulance

Clashes: Religious freedom v. Free speech * Digging Indians' natural resources!! - Archive: Abuse of Indians resources?

Museums: Sonoran Desert at 57 * Archive * Sonoran crossing *
Titan Missile

Tourism: Grand Canyon - Southern Caves - Hoover Dam & its history

Baseball Spring Training Archive: * Chicago Cubs to leave Mesa - A Baseball Money - A Tucson baseball predicament

Arizona Living: Gotta pay the rent, living expenses - the trends - At the month's end, the 4th week of each month, Arizonans have the tendency to gamble on sports in Nevada casinos. Back track the Arizona sports scores at the end of each month in the past years. Arizona sports teams often won back to back, more wins than losses particularly at the end of each month. Gotta pay the rent, living expenses somehow.

Future Arizona Wind Energy?: The Project -[]- Southwest Windpower press?

To be continued later.


How many hours? Baby Sports sleeps 5 hours a day. No more no less.


WNBA: Playoffs


Thursday Sept 17, 2009

This is 30 Minutes.


Bible States News: More sex in teens in the name of God? A study indicates

A Reno Event * Related news Navy Parade in The Biggest Little City

Defense: Tanker contract? - Airbus over Boeing. Correct. Airbus products are much better in this matter, while Boeing's overpriced.

Commercial Aviation: FREE air miles?? * Related news

Face Value: Scott Harrison

Tech News: Blind No More?

Weird News: "World's new tallest man"


Chicago Olympic 2016??

WNBA: Playoffs

NFL: Week 2


Monday Sept 21, 2009


Domestic Initiatives

Domestic/ International Consumer News: -[]- Holiday spending?? Baby Sports, vivo per lei, weekend sports parlay. -[]- Japanese flexibility

Culture: Wine season under way -[]- The "Netflix Prize" -[]-The "National Book Award"


US/Afghanistan: Pentagon & Obama at odds? -[]- Related news * Afghan Map: 1, 2, 3 , 4, 5 * -[]-To fight: Sending additional 15, 20 Special Forces brigades over there -[]- High tech war? -[]- Joke: how many carriers, air support do you need? or not to fight

Defense Aviation: Indian Air Forces Modernization -[]- Potential future conflict: India v. China

The Shoe Business: - Adidas - Puma -[]- Supplement article -[]- Future prices of Adidas/Puma sporting goods?

Related news: Nike


WNBA: Playoffs

NFL: Colts @ Dolphins


Tuesday Sept 22, 2009


Georgia: Southeastern Storm -[]- Supplement article -[]- Missouri: Homeless News -[]-

Weird floods -[]-Arizona: Safeway on strike?


What Peace?

Sports Culture: The rematch?? -[]-

Olympics 1016 update: Brazil's Rio Prays -[]- USA's Chicago Hopes


Wednesday Sept 23, 2009


Every Wednesday, Baby Sports studies a State.

This Week: Utah -[]- The Utah facts

A little Utah survey : Salt Lake Olympics Scandal Revisited: According the local newspaper's accurate accounts of the Games bidding scandal, the Salt Lake Olympics organizers hired the prostitutes to make the visiting IOC members HAPPY. Was it correct? * Shame on the Mormons in this regards * Archive: Mormons dishonesty, corruption of the '02 Games bidding process turned into big profit -[]- -[]-

Land of the LDS -[]- * Archive: -[]- Baby Sports is a Catholics but enjoys the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Just a wonderful masterpiece in the music term. Speaking of relaxation music, this is one of Baby Sports favorites ONLY in the music term. * Archive: Freedom of all religions

A LDS business model: * Deseret Industries

Years ago, I worked briefly at the Deseret Ind. store in Arizona. The Deseret store accepted all kind of donations such as used clothing, appliances, furnitures, etc. They repaired all, put up for SALE. To advertise Deseret Industries as NON profit is ridiculous. FREEDOM TO SALE: There is nothing wrong about the weird way of making money like the Mormons' in America, who ask the people to make donations then putting up the donated merchandises for sale. The big money making Deseret Industries should have advertised, listed as a PROFIT entity and paid taxes fully like others.

The controversy: the two sides of Proposition 8

Life: The ordinary Mormons are such wonderful people in term of generousity.

Utah Today * Joke: After the Utah study, Baby Sports would like to have two wives. From Monday thru Wednesday Baby Sports to spend time with wife A. Thursday thru Saturday with wife B, equally. Relaxation Sunday. I gotta laugh every time I think about it.

To be continued later.


Friday Sept 25, 2009

This is 30 Minutes


An Annual Event An annual Harley Davidson event in Reno ,NV. Peaceful Rock N' Roll, so far. The ordinary Harley merchants are going through tough economic time. Sales down. Weekend sports to accomodate 'em?? * Archive: Harley Davidson in Aussie country -[]- A closer look at the global motocycle business - Harley Davidson -[]- Kawasaki -[]- BMW & its high tech toy

Life: Happy 100th Birthday -[]- National Parks Recreation Activities Healthy outdoor activities such as babecues, picnics, exercises, etc. Archive: U.S Parks policy??

Parks Stimulus Joke: Having sex in the parks near you. Smiling is agreeing.

A couple of local kids often watched people had sex in the town park. One night, they spotted the mid aged man having sitting in sex w/ his woman on his motocycle. They approached the man:" Would you like to buy our home made cookies, sir?" The man resisted:"Not now. I'm busy. Don't you see?" The kids smiled:"Sir, we won't leave unless you buy our cookies. It's $5 each". The man, whose pant half way down already, couldn't move. He replied reluctantly:" Alright. Get me the jacket over there". He protested:" You want me to buy your cookies. You want me to get up , too". The kids busted into laughing and ran away. The man somehow pulled his pant up and chased 'em.

I gotta laugh.


South Korea/ Tanzania: Agriculture Outsourcing?

Award: The "Meaning of Democracy"

A Few Finest Examples: Face Value Without Borders -[]- Boston's Hearth


Monday Sept 28, 2009

This is 30 Minutes.


Gaming Energy: Reno's Peppermill

Military: Women to serve in subsmarines? -[]- Societal Impact - Archive: A feminists gathering - "Women of Courage" -[]- Women's Funds

Commercial Aviation: Seattle's Naverus wins FAA contract?

Entertainment: Oscars 2009 Revisited: Slumdog Millionairs -[]- The Reader -[]- The critics: Hollywood has been running out of good, quality scripts. A number of bad, gabage movies, recently. * Archive: One of Baby Sports favorite movies - Les Aventuriers

The Upcoming: A Michael Jackson movie?


NYC at 400


Global gold price update - Japan/ South Korea: Bolstering relations? * What does this mean for the Jap./ South Korea technology business sectors?


William Safire


Tuesday Sept 29, 2009


Coca Cola Co. -[]- Supplement article -[]- Natural water is always the best, most healthiest choice.

Related news: Starbucks'Instant Coffee

Life: Who are the flip-floppers, liars near you? - You shouldn't listen to your parents, sometimes. They were liars, sometimes. A study finds.

Listen to Baby Sports. You see, Baby Sports' 30 Minutes is fair & balanced for all. Entertaining, funny along the way.


Nikon's latest, Coolpix S1000pj

A Baby Sports prediction: Other manufacturers such as Cannon will follow suit. Advice: If you have the money, you can invest now in many ways in the upcoming digital models featuring zooms, lens, etc., along with the built-in projector.

Related news: Nikon

Sports Culture:

Olympics 2016 update: Who will host Olympics 2016? Go to Olympics Specials on Menu.

According to this British, Chicago, a favorite, at 4/5. Rio de Janeiro at 13/8. Tokyo 8/1. Madrid 16/1

Have Creative Fun. Joke: Team Obamas in Denmark.


Wednesday Sept 30, 2009

Special Edition:

2016 Olympics site will be chosen in Denmark this week.

Baby Sports studies the country of Denmark.

A little Denmark survey:

The Vikings - Midsummer Night's - Soccer: The Unsual Euro Championship Run -

Resistant to joint the EU

..........and many more related articles to be posted by Baby Sports. To be continued later.


Monday Oct 5, 2009

This is 30 Minutes


Breakfast at Supreme Court: "Animal cruelty & Free speech"

2009 Nobel Prize for Medicine -[]- Related news from VOA, Reuters

Living: Gourmet closed Not cooking anymore?

Business News: Apple links w/ Vonage to combat Google in phone service * Archive Vonage IPO

Culture & Living: Conflicts & Side Kicks in F*** Me, F*** You Style?


New South American arms race?

Around the World in 1 minute: Norway -[]- Germany's REALITY magazine -[]- Economic Developments


MNF: Packers @ Vikings


Tuesday Oct 6, 2009


Less junk foods consumption in elementary kids? -[]- Parkour a sport? -[]- Second chances in life?

Aviation News:

Commercial: A Boeing update -[]- Defense: A400M Airbus update -- F-35 update

Business News: Google - Verizon Wireless -[]- Related news: Apple - Vonage

Edgar Allan Poe: A funeral re-enactment?


The Best & The Worst? -[]- USA The Most Globally Admired, thanks to Pres. Obama, according to the poll -[]- SEE Baby Sports' previous post, Conflicts & Side Kicks


2009 Nobel Prize in Physics -[]- Related news from BBC, VOA


MLB: AL Central 1 game playoff

Detroit Tigers @ Minnesota Twins

5:20Pm update: Regardless of today's result v. Detroit Tigers, The Minnesota Twins story is the story of the small budget team playing in the medium babseball market Minnesota, overcoming the improbable odds. Score 4 - 4 tie Top 9.

5:50pm update: 5 - 4 Tigers Bottom 10

6:03Pm update: 5 - 5 tie Top 11

6:16Pm update: 5 - 5 tie Bottom 11

6:23Pm update: 5 - 5 tie Top 12

6:40Pm update: 5 - 5 tie Bottom 12

Golf: San Francisco, CA - The Presidents Cup 2009


Wednesday Oct 7, 2009

This is 30 Minutes


Every Wednesday, Baby Sports studies a State

This week: Minnesota -[]- The Minnesota facts

A little Minnesota survey: The Land of 10,000 Lakes: List of lakes -[]- Mall of America :

The world's most visited shopping mall -[]- Gambling Archive: Previous Study -- 2004 Gaming Survey

A number of upcoming local events: Haunted Ship Tour -- Oktoberfest -- Winter Carnival

A Local Spiritual Opinion: The Ugliness of Exclusion -- Patience Is Virtue, Baby


Global Gold Rush? Standardized 24K Gold is always attractive in the worldwide market.


2009 Nobel Prize in Chemistry -[]- Related news from BBC, VOA, Reuters


WNBA - Game 4: Phoenix Mercury @ Indiana Fever

MLB: Division Series


Thursday Oct 7, 2009

This is 30 Minutes


Other People Imperfection -- Pot Legislation in California : Marijuana ban?? To be honest, I NEVER seen what marijuana looks like in my life. Whenever I need to have fun, I prefer the alternative, healthy outdoors activities such as shopping, betting on sports, seeing movies, etc. I, Baby Sports, had a good, constructive time WITHOUT destructive, adverse effect stuffs like marijuana, drugs.

This is why my mindset is probably different than others. However, I accept other people's imperfection.

Western News: High Speed Rails Money?? -[]- Future Western High Speed Rail Alliance?? -[]- Fleet Week in San Francisco

Midwestern News: An Example of Nursing Home Predicament -[]- 200th Anniversary of St. Charles' Incorporation

Eastern News: A Holy Misbehave??

Southern News: The late Titans QB McNair honored

Another Imperfection? The World's Tallest Living Dog -[]- Giant Pumpkin


Brits Twin School? -[]- A Global Culture Still outstanding worldwide


Saturn News


2009 Nobel Prize in Literature -[]- Related news from Reuters, BBC, Christian Science Monitor


MLB: Division Series Game 2


Friday Oct 8, 2009


2009 Nobel Peace Prize Congratulations -[]- Related news from BBC, Reuters, Washington Times

The Worldwide Reactions: The Africans, The Arabs, The Others, The High, Hot Headed Conservatives

Western News: Nevada Casinos Cheat on People -[]-

Oh! No, Sedona Sweat Lodge Bad luck while experiencing Indian jacuzi.

The Japanese used hot water to sweat in the jacuzi. The Indians used hot rocks. Experiencing Indian culture - A Baby Sports Sweat Lodge Experience Years ago, Baby Sports went into the real, original Indian Sweat Lodge for the first time, because of curiousity. I wanted to find out what it was like in the sweat lodge at firsthand. I lasted a half hour in the first time. It was hot as fucked, to be honest. In the second time I got used to the heat, went the distance of 4 rounds in more than 2 hours. I liked it. Like the Japanese jacuzi's, the Indians' sweat lodge principles are good, healthy. I laugh every time I think of this Indian sweat lodge experience.

National News: To Fight or Not To Fight - Joke: How many carriers, tanks, air support do you need? How about sending 20, 25 Special Forces bridgades to Afghanistan?


Chili Bowl co-founder Ben Ali


WNBA -- Game 5 Indiana Fever @ Phoenix Mercury

END OF THE WEEK __________________________________________________________________________________

Monday Oct 12, 2009


Columbus Day

2009 Nobel Prize in Economics -[]- Related news from BBC, the Economist

Western News: The Annual Gem & Mineral Show leaving Tucson? Having lived in Tucson, AZ., I can see the reasons why.

The Tucson Gem Show, the annual weird colored, exotic rocks show, subject to the local balony: A/ Outrageous HOTEL ROOM RATES imposed annually on the Gem Show vendors & visitors. B/ The vendors & exhibitors did NOT make money at all, citing lack of big time buyers. C/ Facilities in bad conditions. D/ No financial relief package consisting of much lower hotel room rates, lower SPACE rents, entertainment lineup, etc. offered to the gem vendors & exhibitors who made it possible annually. etc. As things stand, the City of Tucson doesn't provide the Gem vendors with the adaquate environment in which their vendor businesses can survive. Why come again??

In life, Baby Sports is the believer in the two way system - giving and receiving, respectively. Few Arizonans, not all, just wanna take only. Greedy as fucked.

Other possible site recommendation for the future Gem Show: Reno, NV

Business News:

E-Readers: Barnes & Noble - Amazon update -[]- Related news Barnes & Noble -- The E book business -- Amazon's E book price flexibility?


The "Pirates" actor Orlando Bloom named UNICEF's goodwill ambassador


Tuesday Oct 13, 2009


Hispanic Heritage Month Related Articles: Ancient Time -[]- Music: Caliente (Univision)

Inner City Catholic Elementary Schools in crisis?

Life: "The Power of Half"

Culture & Living: A National Lottery?

Consumer News: "MADD Offers Virgin Drinks" Joke: Baby Sports got the virgin sperms. My virgin sperms increase your life expectancy. You wanna virgin drinks, baby? Well, suck my dick, baby. I gotta laugh every time I think of it.

Weird News: Elvis Presley Hair Auctioned -[]- California Cows


War Zone News: Latest on Pakistani Front -[]- Africa: Ethiopia/ Somalia

Life in The Pacific: Indonesia/ Australia * Related news: Asylum in Australia

Honorable Mentioned: "Alternative Nobel" Prize?

Weird News: A Grandma at World Masters Games

Image of The Week:

"Sporting Decades"


Wednesday Oct 14, 2009


This Week: Iowa -[]- The Iowa facts

The little Iowa survey: The Iowa Caucuses ** Related news: 2009 GOP Flip Flop Part 1

The World Food Day Conference * Related news: 2009 Winner

Life: An Iowan Story

Business: A New Independence Food Plant



Thursday Oct 15, 2009


Life: Early Learning

Sports & Society: US soccer player Charlie Davies injured in car accident. ISSUES: If an ordinary, regular person in the position of Charlie Davies, he/she would certainly serve jail time.
What Justice?: If Davies was behind the wheel in the car accident that took the life of the young woman, Charlie Davies would serve jail time. Fixing Justice in America: Never mind. D.C police & the US Soccer Federation will fix this by stating Charlie Davies was not behind the wheel.


The Start of E Book War?: Google combats Amazon Kindle * Related news: Barnes & Noble


Hip Hop at 30


Iran - US Economic Standoff: The "Iran Sanctions Enabling Act"


EPL News: Arsenal Investment For sure, the investors can count on Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger producing good football results this year. Since his arrival at the north London club in the mid '90s, Arsenal has always been in the top 5. Winning with Less: Along the way there has been the players development process at Arsenal -[]- EPL in Singapore


NLCS Game 1 Phillies @ Dodgers


Friday Oct 16, 2009

30 Minutes is OFF today. SEE Baby Sports' weekly post, Entertainment.


Monday Oct 19, 2009


News Briefs -[]- Religion News: The State of S.C Episcopal Church

Domestic Aviation News: Outsourcing Airline Maintenance

Life: "Divorce in America"


The Country of Kazakhstan The newly independent country of Kazakhstan has OIL and other natural resources such as uranium. So what? They have the rights to export their own resources. The U.S should NOT have played the world police role in this Central Asian country. * Archive: Kazakhstan

Weird News: Italian Troops in Afghanistan -[]- Underwater Cabinet Meeting

Face Value:

Arsene Wenger

SEE Baby Sports' previous post, Arsenal Investment, last week 10/15


WNBA News: Shock to Tulsa, Oklahoma?

College Football: The Preliminary BCS Standings

The top 8 teams will be playing in 4 BCS Bowls. It should be noted that these 4 BCS Bowl payouts are MUCH more lucrative than the other regular bowls in the $$ term.

The college football is entering the dirty, nasty stage as other teams such as Miami(FL), Penn State, Oklahoma State, etc. start pursuing, playing for a BCS spot.


Tueasday, Wednesday, Thursday Oct 20 - 22, 2009

Joke: 30 Minutes OFF due to lack of funding


Friday Oct 23, 2009


News Briefs -[]- Religion: Catholic Open Arms * Related news from Christian Science Monitor, the Economist

Consumer: Unsafe Drug

Community Service: Non profit "Back On My Feet"


Culture & Music: A Michael Jackson Movie After Michael Jackson's passing, his music materials are still a hit, appealing to the people worldwide. The other side of the American life: When Michael Jackson was alive, many ridiculous lawsuits flied around him like fliers. The media ate him up mercilessly. At one point after the last trial, he left for Bahrain. After his death, he was honored unconditionally. Joke: If Michael Jackson could speak right now, he would say:"F*** Me, F*** You"

The Upcoming: World War 2 in HD, narrated by Gary Sinise on the History Channel. New Movie: A Christmas Carol.


African Ritual: Blooded World Cup Soccer 2010??

Around The World in 2'46''


Monday Oct 26, 2009

This is 30 Minutes.


-[]- Life: Wanting To Have A Baby? Baby Sports to offer its FREE virgin sperms. Joke: Come see Baby Sports.

-[]- Society & Religion: "Collision" A FAITH debate.

Baby Sports is PRACTICAL when it comes to this sensitive issue. I apply my Christian faith in whatever I do on the daily basis such as helping, giving homeless people $1, free meals.

Topic: Religion plays a role in everyday life activities.

-[]- Business News:

** E-Readers a hit this holiday shopping season? * Related news: SEE Baby Sports' E-Readers previous posts such as Barnes & Noble - Amazon Oct 12., Google combats Amazon Kindle Oct 15.

** Netflix on PS3? If so, the movie industry is set to lose $$ billions in the worldwide movie rental revenue. So is the Blockbuster movie rental chain.

-[]- Essay: Worldwide "Aerospace Innovation"?


-[]- Afghanistan: Latest on NATO casualties of war * Related news: Opium Industry -[]- U.S funded election woes

-[]- India/U.S: Joint Military Exercise * Related news: China's Military Buildup --- A New U.S Worry Will there be war in the Pacific?

-[]- Asia: The new "United States of Asia"??

-[]- Middle East: A Royal Pardon

-[]- Africa: Free Speech in Zimbabwe? ** Related news: Zimbabwe critics

-[]- Entertainment:

** Book: "Pop Life" SEE Baby Sports' previous post, Culture & Music last week 10/23.


-[]- NHL games


Tuesday Oct 27, 2009

This is 30 Minutes.


-[]- Elementary Education:

** The E-Readers Impact

-[]- The Other Side of Society: The Neglects, Forgotten, Youth Runaways in America Part 1 --- Part 2

-[]- Consumer: Taco Bell, Boston Market

-[]- Entertainment:

** The U2 Impact * Related news: Concerts in Recession? ** Archive: U2"360 Tour" -- U2 Bono in Africa


-[]- Afghanistan: Casualties mounted The Democrats' current Afghan war approach is NO good. Joke: How many carriers, tanks, Special Forces bridgades, air support do you need? * Related news: U.S Drones Aerial Attack ---War Protest? ---- NATO & Gen. McChrystal on the same page

-[]- World Health Organization(WHO): Latest Report

-[]- Religion: What Next?

-[]- Anniversary: Asterix at 50 ** Asterix - Obelix


-[]- 2009 World Series: "Choice of Two Evils"? ----- Phillies - NY Yankees

-[]- '09 - '10 NBA Season

** Celtics @ Cavaliers

-[]- College Football in $$ Numbers

Good Night from Baby Sports Inc.

Wednesday, Thursday Oct 28 - 29, 2009

Joke: Baby Sports' 30 Minutes OFF today, due to lack of funding. Sorry.

-[]- SEE Baby Sports' weekly sports post, Entertainment.



Monday Nov 2, 2009


-[]- Life:

** Indians Summit in D.C . SEE Baby Sports' previous post, A little Arizona survey 9/16.

Archive: North Carolina's Indians pre-school

-[]- Consumer: ** Beef recalled?(Eastern News)

-[]- Environment:

** Latest on Yosemite National Park * Related news: "Climate" conference A U.S version -- Bipartisan climate??

-[]- Art Exhibition:

** Leonardo da Vinci * Related news: The Life of Leonardo da Vinci

-[]- Entertainment:

** A Baby Sports Movie Classic(Monday Only): Crimson Pirate staring Burt Lancaster.


-[]- Asylum in Australia -[]- Orthodox U.S Tour

-[]- Climate Conference - Worldwide version: Food Insecurity??


-[]- College Football: This week's BCS Standings

-[]- Canada's Vancouver '10: ** Olympic flame on the way


Tuesday Nov 3, 2009

This is 30 Minutes.


-[]- Breakfast at Supreme Court:

**The statue of limitations debate - Case in point: 1964 Ku Klux Klan murder

**The wrongly convicted & Prosecutorial fraud?

-[]- Consumer:

**Sodas alert? . A Baby Sports position regarding soft drinks: Water is always the best, most healthiest.

-[]- Environment:

** Lake Tahoe Bill

-[]- Business:

** United tools - A Stanley Works * Black & Decker merger.

-[]- Opinion:

**China - U.S trade predicament to be continued?

-[]- News Briefs


-[]- "Climate" conference - Worldwide version:

**The Africa group :"Hell No" * Related news: Fish migration

-[]- World Health Organization(WHO):

**Child pneumonia deaths remain high

** Eastern EU borders closed

**Projecting the global life expectancy??.


**Sputnik 2 "space" dog at 52


Claude Levi Strauss


-[]- NHL:

** Coyotes SOLD -<>- Baby Sports' favorite hockey player & coach, the great Wayne Gretzky, got victimized in many ways in the bad luck, ill intent & cursed Phoenix sports market.



Wednesday Nov 4, 2009

Joke: 30 Minutes OFF today, due to lack of funding.

A Baby Sports News in Briefs:


-[]- Race in Society: Overtime Politico?? Ridiculous! Joke: Mary Norwood can win in next month's run off by saying to her challenger, Kasim Reed,:"I wanna be your wife. You gotta quit. Let me run it". Kasim Reed counters:" You wanna be my wife? Why don't you quit? Let me run Atlanta, baby". Mary Norwood says seriously:"I fight you, baby"

The black & white thing still exits in many ways in the South in the 21st century. Ridiculous! Baby Sports gotta laugh.

-[]- Entertainment: "Beyond All Boundaries" A Tom Hanks Production

Joke -<>- Baby Sports & Grandma: Baby Sports came to play at the $2 single deck blackjack table of the 77 yrs. young grandma. The conversations progressed at the blackjack table. Baby Sports said:"It's good to be generous, grandma. Grandma replied:"OK". Baby Sports continued:"I was the math major, while in college. Do you mind if I count the cards, grandma". Grandma:"I don't mind".

Blackjack cards counting: there are 52 cards in the single deck, 16 of which are the "face" cards. Each face card is worth 10 points. Addition, substraction comes into plays. Grandma gotta deal at least 70% of the deck. After the first round, there were only 4 "face" cards gone. So, grandma has 12 big "face" cards left. In the subsequent round, Baby Sports had 12 points, while grandma had a 4 shown up. Baby Sports stayed at 12. Grandma 14 & gotta hit. Grandma finished with 24. Baby Sports won:"I love you, grandma. It's good to be generous, grandma".

Baby Sports was thankful.


-[]- Iran/Israel -[]- "A CIA rendition"

-[]- Entertainment Recap


-[]- World Series -<>- Game 6: Phillies @ NY Yankees

NYY lead 3 - 2 in series.


Thursday Nov 5, 2009


-[]- What's The Matter?: **Honk if you love Jesus Christ

-[]- Life:

** Indians summit update. SEE Baby Sports' previous post, Indians summit in D.C Nov. 2

** Vets recreation

-[]- Education: What "C-H-A-N-G-E"? Joke: Without $$ for college, Baby Sports gotta play $2 blackjack to survive on the daily basis.

-[]- Opinion:

** Latino Rising

-[]- Agriculture:

** Harvest Time?


NY Yankees win 2009 World Series in 6 games, 4 - 2. Congratulations.

** To be frank, without game 7 in which ace(Hamels) v. ace(C.C Sabathia), this year's World Series fell short of being a classic series.


Monday Nov 9, 2009

This is 30 Minutes.


-[]- Investigative Series:

** Archive: Landscaping Photo-Op Only, NOT building. SEE picture on the right ---Miami's crisis --- Afro-Latino Experience

-[]- Breakfast at Supreme Court:

** Revising Patent Law? In American society, from past to present, many individuals, businesses, companies, corporations have been built on thievery in term of stealing IDEAS of others, many of whom are immigrants who have no legal recourse.

That's why revising the patent law is somewhat important.

** Life Imprisonment for Minors? -<>- Cases in Point: Graham v. Florida ; Sullivan v. Florida

* Related news from National Public Radio(NPR)

Supreme Court related news: The wrongful convicted & Prosecutorial fraud in preliminary preview

++ I, Baby Sports, wish I could have the money to study laws.

-[]- Marines' Memorial Club in San Francisco, CA.

-[]- Entertainment:

** A Baby Sports Movie Classic(Monday Only):

-<>- The late Luis de Funes.

-<>- Witness , A Peter Weir film , staring Harrison Ford, Danny Glover, Kelly McGillis


-[]- Israel/U.S

-[]- Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation(APEC) forum in Singapore

-[]- Colombia/Venezuela: War on the horizon?

-[]- Iran & The West: "Hell No" regarding Iran's uranium.


-[]- The Fall of Berlin Wall (1989 - 2009)

** A church perspective

** Sports(Soccer) perspective: Unified Germany 1 - Argentina 0 (Italy '90)



** Steelers @ Broncos

Pittsbugh Steelers look to split the 2 game season series with the Broncos.


Tuesday Nov 10, 2009


-[]- Faith:

** Four Legged Welcome

** A Spiritual Opinion

-[]- Behavioral Study:

** Animals: The 21st Century Movement of Animals

** Commercial Aviation: "Discount Airlines"

-[]- Culture & Life:

** Miami Book Fair International: A Woman's Breast Cancer Experience

Joke -- Baby Sports Ads: Baby Sports hands, fingers are magical. Baby Sports can cure women's breast cancer by squeezing the breasts a few times. COME SEE BABY SPORTS IN PERSON. I, Baby Sports, will make all women breast cancer FREE. 100% satisfaction.

-[]- News Briefs


-[]- New Crisis on Korea Peninsula? Futher military escalations could lead to direct military combat. Joke: Baby Sports to referee the conflict.

-[]- Turkey and the Kurds

-[]- Religion:

** A Catholic Debate Both healthy agreement & disagreement allowed.

-[]- Worldwide Art, Culture and Entertainment:

** Obelix Asterix Exhibition in Paris


Thursday Nov 12, 2009


-[]- Life: A Thanksgiving Gathering in Minnesota Town of Eden Prairie

-[]- Veterans Week * Related news: The Wall -- Homeless Veterans Update

** 101st Airborne Division

-[]- Aviation: Boeing News

Baby Sports still recommends to worldwide airline customers Airbus A380

-[]- Entertainment:

** A Culture in The Movie: Pirate Radio

-[]- Business:

** Intel * Advanced Micro Devices(AMD) dispute settled * Related news: Intel Dilema

-[]- News Briefs


-[]- Somali Pirates v. U.S Drones

-[]- Latest on the Korea Peninsula . C'mon SOUTH Korea. Peace is boring these days.

-[]- In Stores & On line Now: A BBC Magazine

Joke: There is nothing exciting today. BABY SPORTS IS CURRENTLY BORED...... quit for the day.


Friday Nov 13, 2009

Joke: Nevermind, Friday the 13th. This is 30 Minutes presented by Pirate Radio.

Sports Recap:

-[]- NFL:

** What's on the menu? Bears BBQ, 6 - 10 49ers

-[]- NBA:

** LeBron and the Cavaliers: W 111 - 104 @ Miami. Cavaliers to keep winning, wouldn't you?


Monday Nov 16, 2009


-[]- Life:

** Indian Art: Handmade Baskets

** Outdoors: A Couple's Alaska Experience

-[]- Religion:

** LDS Soften Stance. Smart move. In order to become popular, the LDS seeks harmony, diversity, flexibility, and accepting other people's imperpection.

SEE Baby Sports' previous post, A Little Utah Survey, 9/23

** Opinion: "A White, Black, Brown and Yellow, Male, Female & Baby Moses" in American Society.

-[]- A Miami Herald's Investigative Series:

** Landscaping photo-op ONLY

-[]- Behavioral Study:

** During the recession: Eat More, Shop Less -- Shop w/ Less


-[]- Baby Sports Movie Preview

** Historic Events in The Movie: Invictus starring Morgan Freeman, Matt Damon , A Clint Eastwood film & Malpaso production, inspired by the real life story of Nelson Mandela & South Africa's 1995 World Cup Ruby Championship. Invictus can be Oscars bound & have strong gross $$ at nationwide, worldwide box office.

A Baby Sports Recommendation: Invest $$ in this movie venture, if you like.

-[]- Music:

** The Gershwin Prize: Paul McCartney WINNER ** Archive: Charity concert, McCartney music on ABC

-[]- News Briefs


-[]- The Latest African Entertainment

-[]- The Japanese Effects -The Latest:

** Nonmilitary aid to Afghanistan -- ASEAN development

-[]- U.S/ ASEAN Summit ** Related news: Latest on APEC -- NO "climate" deal Japan is one of the worst C02 polluters. Other Asian countries whose economies are growing set to follow Japan suit.

-[]- U.S/Afghanistan - The Latest:

** What's the matter? -- A daily Afghan combat diary

-[]- Israel/Palestine:

** Hell Yes -- Hell No and Press Reaction


-[]- Boxing: * Pacquiao victorious Baby Sports watched the fight last Saturday. Pretty good.

-[]- 2009 FIFA Beach Soccer in Dubai.

-[]- MNF:

** Ravens @ Browns


Tuesday Nov 17, 2009

This is 30 Minutes . A daily Baby Sports study. Baby Sports is self-taught.


-[]- The Supreme Court:

** Ban of "Vamos a Cuba" Book

** NFL's Redskins & Indians(the real redskins) at odds

-[]- Pot Culture & Society:

** New Kind of Cafes in Portland, Oregon --- Colorado Pot Tax

-[]- Faith:

** Saint of Hawaii

-[]- Consumer News:

** Costco & Coca Cola Part Way.

-[]- Science:

** The Kudzu Effects

-[]- 1 Minute News Briefing


-[]- Africa:

** Sudan's Water Predicament

** Congo Gold & The Rebels

-[]- A China-US Survey

-[]- Pirates News:

** MV Theresa VIII ** De Xin Hai

Wanna See China Navy Capabilities? Let them battle the pirates, as the world watches.

-[]- Inter. Affair:

** In War & Peace

-[]- Aussie:

** An Australian Apology

** Bangladeshi Twins

-[]- Anniversary:

** Dissident playwright Vaclav Havel and Czech's Velvet Revolution at 20


-[]- The Start of Sports War? Comcast v. ESPN

** If so, A NBC Universal, NBC Sports - Comcast Alliance will have enough ammunitions to challenge ESPN in every sport category, NFL, NBA, NASCAR, College Sports, NHL, SOCCER WORLD CUPS in several sports markets, domestically, internationally.


Wednesday Nov 18, 2009

Joke: 2009 World Cup Qualifying Playoffs Recap sponsored by Baby Sports Institute. SEE articles below.

Baby Sports congratulates Greece 1-0 winner @ Ukraine, Portugal 1-0 winner(2-0 agg.) @ Bosnia Herzegonina, France , Slovenia 1-0 v. Russia (2-2 agg. Slovenia goes through on away goal rule) , Uruquay 1-1 v. Costa Rica (2-1 agg.), & Algeria 1-0 v. Eqypt in neutral Sudan on reaching 2010 World Cup tourney.

-[]- Face Value:

2 Italian coaches, England's Capello & Ireland's Trapattoni, are making huge impact on English football at international level.

-<>- Ireland's Trapattoni whose Ireland side almost knocked off the tired, uninspired France squad in Paris.

** Thriller of the day:

France 1 Ireland 1 F. France qualifies on 2-1 aggregate.

Soccer was brutal sometimes. * Related news: Ireland's defensive mistakes, according to ex Ireland player, Roy Keane. Baby Sports agrees 100%.

-<>- England's Capello has been single handedly transforming England national team.

-[]- In The NBA:

** Recap: Cavaliers 91 @ Wizards 108 F.

Baby Sports sensing a possible Cavs upset earlier DIDN'T start Cavaliers today. OBSERVATION ONLY.

-[]- Entertainment:

-<>- Baby Sports Movie Classic

** Firestarter based on Stephen King novel, starring Martin Sheen, Drew Barrymore

** One Against The Wind Winner of Golden Globe Awards. Based on the true story. Starring Sam Neill, Judy Davis, Kate Beckinsale


Thursday Nov 19, 2009


-[]- The Beethoven Award for the underdog team(s) of the week.

** Joke : Which underdog team(s) will die(loss in blowout)? Which one(s) will survive(upset win or close loss)?

-<>- College Football:


** Florida International(+44) @ Florida -- Ohio State @ Michigan(+12) -- Louisville(+12) @ South Florida -- Maryland(+18) @ Florida State -- NC State(+21) @ Virginia Tech -- Vandy(+21) @ Tennessee -- Kentucky(+9) @ Georgia -- TCU @ Wyoming(+31) -- UConn(+7) @ Notre Dame -- Air Force(+10) @ BYU -- Kansas State(+17) @ Nebraska -- Oregon @ Arizona(+6) -- Kansas(+28) @ Texas

-<>- NFL:


** Redskins(+11) @ Cowboys -- Seahawks(+11) @ Packers -- Colts @ Ravens(+2)


Friday Nov 20, 2009


-[]- NHL : Standings

** Blackhawks - Oilers Preview

Young Chicago Blackhawks' units have been improving under the guidance of head coach Joel Quenneville. On the other side of the puck, despite a number of injuries, Edmonton Oilers (21 pts in West) will have every thing to play for in tomorrow night's game v. Blackhawks. Oilers' goalie N. Khalibulin to start tomorrow night?

** Bruins - Sabres Preview

For many years, it's always been a pleasure watching Buffalo Sabres play hard nose, mobil, back checking like crazy but result oriented hockey.

Question: How do they fare with the Bruins who play without goalie Tim Thomas tonight?

-[]- NFL :

-<>- Chargers @ Broncos Preview

So far, San Diego Chargers have become the pretender under head coach Norv Turner. There will be a San Diego coaching vacancy, if Norv Turner loses the winner take West division title game @ Denver Broncos this Sunday.

Saturday Nov 21, 2009

-[]- College Football Recap, So Far:

-<>- This week's Beethoven Award, So Far: Colorado Buffaloes , Michigan Wolverines , Maryland Terps , Connecticut Huskies , Kansas State Wildcats , Arizona Wildcats

Joke: Baby Sports' Beethoven Award to the schools for their perspective educational purposes.

-<>- Other game(s): Oregon @ Arizona

The Side Kick: A couple of years ago, the University of Arizona Board of Regents gave the football coach Mike Stoops two year contract extention. Today, it comes down to one game: Oregon @ Arizona. A outright win over Oregon will give Mike Stoops the lifeline to continue his football coaching at U of A. Mike Stoops has NOT won anything significant since his arrival in Tucson. A loss to Oregon would certainly send Mike Stoops packing.

On the other side of the football, Oregon Ducks have everything to play for: the Rose Bowl berth.

Sunday Nov 22, 2009

-[]- NFL Week 11 Recap

Joke: Beethoven Award in the sweatlodge with Falcons, Redskins, Chiefs, Raiders

-<>- WORST PLAY OF THE WEEK : Minnesota Vikings head coach Brad Childress. After receiving the contract extention, Brad Childress opened his playbook too much in the meaningless blowout win over hapless Seahawks, 35-9. A smart head coach would navigate his team through the long season without exposing his playbook too much in wins. A win is a win, even by fewer points. Save it for the playoffs, for Jesus Christ's.

-<>- In the AFC:


Patriots win, playoff bound, due to Dolphins, Bills & NY Jets underachieved.


Colts 10 - 0 after 17 -15 @ Ravens

Jaquars renaissance continues in 18-15 win over Bills


Bengals unlucky @ Raiders, 17-10

Steelers set back in 24-27 loss @ Chiefs


Chargers take sole division lead after road win @ Broncos

-<>- In the NFC:


Cowboys survived Redskins in 7-6 outstanding win . 12/6/2009 One Game. One Title: Cowboys @ NY Giants

NY Giants regroup in 34-31 OT win over Falcons. One Game. One Title: Cowboys @ NY Giants 12/6/2009

Eagles @ Bears tonight

* North

Vikings 35-9 win over Seahawks. Division title almost in hand.

Packers keep pace in 30-24 win over 49ers

* South

Saints 10-0

Falcons 5-5. Tough schedule will benefit this football club in the long term

* West

Cardinals win in St. Louis, 21-13.

49ers & Seahawks both lost on the road.


-[]- 2009 MLS CUP

At Seattle's Qwest Field: LA Galaxy - Real Salt Lake Preview

** Baby Sports' favorite players on the 1994 USA team: Alexi Lalas, John Harkes who quit Steve Sampson' USA team. Baby Sports applauded the outspoken John Harkes for publicly quitting Steve Sampson's USA soccer team whose direction & playing level was wrong, disastrous, respectively. Steve Sampson's USA soccer team could NOT even beat Iran in '98 WC.

** Alexi Lalas was a fine defensive player on the 1994 USA edition under the guidance of Bora Milutinovic. As a GM of the LA Galaxi, Alexi Lalas was terrible. Alexi Lalas' biggest mistake was $$ 250M signing of David Beckham. A $250 million investment NEVER recovered. What followed was a series of losses, the firing of GM Alexi Lalas & the financial desision to send David Beckham to AC Milan on loan back and forth, Donovan fired at Beckham in his published book, etc.

** To be honest, LA Galaxy defense is NOT at championship level. As a matter of fact, there is the big gap between Galaxy midfieders and defenders in terms of playing & communication level.

** The moral of a few USA players is low, as the 2010 World Cup approaches. Galaxy's Donovan probably needs a lift. Is the LA Galaxy victory guaranteed? Is this game fixed in LA Galaxy favor?

** However, this is the MLS Cup final in which fairness, fair play is required.

** How the 2009 MLS final will be played out? Overtime & penalty kicks? 50-50 chance, whoever kicks better wins.

Joke: Baby Sports' Beethoven Award.



This new sports project probably takes TWO weeks to post.

-[]- NHL :

-<>- NHL boss Gary Bettman on NHL Winter Classic future.

** Archive: 2008 NHL WC - Penguins - Sabres at Ralph Wilson Stadium () 2009 NHL WC - Red Wings - Blackhawks at Wrigley Field

-<>- Boston(Mass.) to host 2010 Winter Classic

** Bruins - Flyers at Fenway Park.

-[]- SOCCER : Real Salt Lake 2009 MLS Champions

-<>- Utah's first pro sports championship. Be thankful this Thanksgiving & become more openess in many aspects of life in the 21st century.

-<>- South Africa 2010:

** Ahead of this 12/4/2009 Friday's group draws, this is the perspective on 2010 WC tourney: An Economic World Cup 2010 ??

-<>- Happy Thanksgiving:

** This Thanksgiving & the upcoming Christmas: Let's set aside the ongoing issues, difficulties in life, crissis, etc. for a couple of days. The daily life fights will resume after the weekend.

-<>- A Baby Sports Movie Classic: Joyeux Noel - Merry Christmas based on the true story.

-[]- Joke: Baby Sports Summit

-<>- Lake Tahoe's Royal Gorge Resort The story of two Bay Area developers, Todd Foster & Kirk Syme, who purchased Royal Gorge a few years ago with plans to build the sports & residential units. And so, the development battle was contested.

The NO camp: "Development of this scale in such a high alpine fragile ecosystem is assuredly going to have measureable impact on water quality and water supply"

The YES camp: "Improve the quality of life on the Summit"

Beautiful area with great economic potentials.

-[]- Vancouver's Winter Olympics 2010

-<>- A Canadian Refocus


Monday Nov 30, 2009


-<>- Life:

** Race & Religion in Society: A West African study () Terrible right-wing rhetoric in America

** Christmas Time : Santa Obama 's Christmas present to the States: More stimulus $$?

** The Retirement Age

** The Pony Express of St. Joe's, Missouri, to mark the 150th anniversary(1860-2010)

-<>- Face Value

Pastor Richard Berry "Faith without works is dead"

-<>- Business:

** Chocolate News: Hershey - Cadbury Acquisition?. Besides, Hershey has one of the largest educational trust in the U.S. There are always the loopholes for other people, with ill intent, to abuse it.

-<>- News Briefing


-<>- Opinion:

** The so-called "global warming" counter punch ** "Climategate" related news: Aussie Green Sheep () Nepal's Everest meeting

** Oprah Winfrey: TV Saint of Chicago???????????

-[]- Entertainment:

** A Monday Night Movie Classic

-<>- Reds A Warren Beatty film. 12 Oscar nominations

-<>- Longford based on the true story, starring Jim Broadbent, Samantha Morton.

-[]- Sports:

-<>- NFL :

Eagles , Falcons survive in Week 12.

**(7-4)Eagles: What's the Eagles football direction at this stage of the season? For a few years, QB McNabb had been sold out, at this stage of the season, for NOT being there when his team needed him the most. What about this year? Playing in two fronts for the East div. title & NFC Wild Card?

-<>- Week 13: Eagles @ Falcons

**(6-5)Falcons: Playing the tough schedule will benefit this football club in the long term. Falcons, needing no bandwagon favor, earn the well deserved 17-20 win over Bucs.

-<>- MNF:

When The Playoff Seedings Matter : How Pats' Belichick approaches the Saints game, given SD Chargers win over KC Chiefs Sunday?

Patriots @ Saints

To be continued later.


Tuesday Dec 1, 2009

This is 30 Minutes. A Daily Baby Sports Study.


-[]- The Supreme Court

** The Wartime Disability Effects

-[]- Society

-<>- A Racial Contest??: Overtime Politico Finale

Joke: Mary Norwood to Kasim Reed:" If you quit, I gonna be your wife. Let me run it, baby". Kasim Reed countered:"Wanna be my wife. Why do you NOT quit? Let me run it, baby". Mary Norwood red faced:" I fight you, baby". What if they are tied & there is NO clear winner. Co-Mayor??

The black & white thing still exits in the South in this 21st century. Ridiculous! Baby Sports gotta laugh.

-<>- A Behavioral Study:

** "Blue Collar Brilliance"

** Santa Obama is comin' to the States: More stimulus $$?

-[]- Life:

-<>- Environment : Mississippi River Battle

-<>- Technology & Consumer : Latest on Microsoft's Bing v. Google's YouTube

A Baby Sports Preliminary Opinion : Regarding the issues of front designs , customer convenience, BING is ahead of Google's YouTube. However, BING general content is presently LIMITED.

-[]- Entertainment

** Oscars News

-[]- International

-<>- Turkey & Iran:

** Turkey's Missile Purchase () Nucleous Iran A Necessary??

-<>- Afghanistan/United States: The "Surge" - An additional 30,000 COMBAT troops.

** A Baby Sports Analysis:

+ Setting the withdrawal timetable of 18 months would be a military mistake, increases the prospect of a political war later, not a conventional war. NOT GOOD.

+ The purpose of 30,000 additional COMBAT personels in Afghanistan is to fight. Send military advisers, NOT complete combat troops, regarding the training of Afghan forces.

-<>- Life:

** The Globe's Finest Examples??

-[]- Sports

-<>- The "Civil War" Football Combat: Oregon State @ Oregon Thurs.

The winner clinches the Rose Bowl BCS berth v. Ohio State.


Friday Nov 4, 2009

This is 30 Minutes. A Daily Baby Sports Study.


-[]- Faith:

** Biblical Argument

-[]- Living:

-<>- California wineries: the "Calistoga" brand ** Archive: Time to get drunk

-[]- Technology:

** 1st. solar plane

-[]- Business:

-<>- Auto News: Daimler AG in Alabama

-[]- International:

-<>- Latest on the Afghan conflict:

** The education route ** Warzone exposure ** Nato military contribution

-<>- Diplomacy:

** Russia & the Vatican

-<>- EU/Latin America:

** Latest on the "Banana War"

-[]- Anniversary

** Bhopal disaster at 25

-[]- Sports

-<>- A Baby Sports' Beethoven Special

2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa

Joke or No Joke: The Group Draw presented by INVICTUS

(SEE Baby Sports Soccer Wall in Baby Sports Institute below). Rock n' roll this 2010 WC Soccer for fun? However, this is sports entertainment.

-[]- The Group Draw in Cape Town, SA . Suggestion: Place team USA in the tough group, "Group of Death".

-<>- North America's TV Coverage LIVE: ESPN v. Univision in terms of in-depth coverage, other football related factors, etc.

-<>- A Baby Sports Evaluation of The Final Draw Coverage: TWO TV SCREENS IN FRONT, ONE ESPN & THE OTHER UNIVISION.

** Related News:

+ What's The Matter? + 12/2 Prelim. Draw

+ A Baby Sports Opinion : Regardless of this Friday's draw result, what US Soccer should do in its preparation for the group stage soccer combat is hiring Guus Hiddink as an assistant manager/consultant.

Otherwise, Bob Bradley could be sacked after this early tourney exit, following the footsteps of Steve Sampson, Bruce Arena, recently, respectively.

-[]- A Baby Sports World Cup Group Draw Recap:

-<>- Group H & F : Spain & Italy whose domestic leagues are among Europe's strongest both receive the FREE ride in their group.

-<>- "Group of Death": There are at least two toughest groups, E & G, respectively.

** Group E: Holland, Denmark, Japan, Cameroon

The presence of Japan who will field the much more focused, determined squad elevates this group, making it interesting.

** Group G: Brazil, North Korea, Cote d'√ćvoire, Portugal

* Biggest group play upset? Brazil could be France of 2002 WC, failed to advance into the second round, IF: 1/ Portugal adjusts their playing style a bit, be more physical 2/ Cote d'Ivoire & Portugal to form the 1-2 punch in the group play.

-<>- Group C: England, USA, Algeria, Slovenia

** I see team USA advance into the second round, barring BOB BRADLEY fucks up in a big way in terms of roster selection and how to implement specific tactics accordingly.

** The 2009 Confederations Cups roster selection was not only bad, but terrible. Coach BOB BRADLEY was retarded in term of not being able to catch up with the on-field actions at the crucial moments in the Confederations Cup final. He fielded the wrong players in Jonathan Bornstein, resulting the USA 2-3 defeat to Brazil.

SEE I told you so. I believe life is the circle, meaning what comes around, goes around. My suggestion of hiring of Guus Hiddink, the former manager of Russia whose squad eliminated by Slovenia in the final qualifying playoffs, would be appropriated, correct. SEE Baby Sports Opinion Regarding The Hiring of Guus Hiddink As Assistant manager/Consultant Above. What bothered me was that US soccer federation TOP BRASS, the people in charge, and coach BOB BRADLEY himself, were a bunch of irresponsible dickheads unwilling to adapt, implement the open minded, tactical soccer approaches that produced good results at World Cup level.


"Are we going to win the World Cup? We have to!" England manager Fabio Capello.

+ My inital assessment & respectful response is that England won't win THIS 2010 WC, unless they buy the damn golden trophy. Fabio Capello used the general term "the World Cup". When? Certainly NOT this 2010.

++ I look at the real key elements on the England team: Liverpool's Steven Gerrard is the REAL spark plug midfielder. Manchester Utd's Wayne Rooney's long range. They are the two who can trouble team USA. The likes of John Terry, Frank Lampard, with due respect, are at club level ONLY.

-<>- Regarding the England match, team USA can squeeze at least 1 point out of it, IF..... Well, I consider it in a few months. Besides, there are many additional factors.

NOTE: For years, the group stage process has been unpredictable, brutal sometimes, because it can swing in many directions. For instance, the lesson of the '82 eventual champion Italy that went winless, 3 draws in the prelim. round, the '98 defending champion France gone after 3 losses & out in 2002 WC, etc.


Sunday Dec. 6, 2009

-[]- Sports

-<>- NFL Week 13:

** When The AFC playoff Seedings Matter:

(8-3)Bengals vs. Lions - (8-3)Chargers @ Browns - (7-4)Patriots @ Miami

** In The NFC:


+ Eagles @ Falcons: Eagles face a must win game in Atlanta. A loss to Falcons could probably conclude the Eagles' season.

+ Cowboys @ NY Giants: Cowboys 0-1 v. NY Giants - Week 2. A must win game for the Cowboys? The Cowboys could win the East division this year. Bet on the Cowboys. The Eagles should win the East title, if the Cowboys get swept by the NY Giants.


Monday Dec 7, 2009


-<>- Weather:

** Weather today

More SNOW. A lot of it, baby. Baby Sports likes it.


-[]- NFL Week 13:

-<>- In The NFC:

Eagles 34 Falcons 7

Cowboys 24 NY Giants 31

** The Bad: Cowboys swept by NY Giants yesterday, costing Baby Sports Institute $$ hundreds.

** The Ugly : I wagered on the Cowboys hoping they would win @ NY Giants. From what I saw in yesterday's game was that Cowboys could NOT play competitive football. A BUNCH OF COWGIRLS. The Cowboys, by losing to NY Giants, cost Baby Sports a lot of $$ yesterday.

Getting swept by NY Giants, how the Cowboys are supposed to contest for the East division title???

The Giant Renaissance : NY Giants are the GOOD football team quarterbacked by Eli Manning.

Eagles Landing: After the Cowboys swept by NY Giants, Philly Eagles have the golden chance to win the East title this year. Phillies Eagles & Michael Vick could be the NFL's 2009 story of redeemption.

-<>- In the AFC

Raiders 27 Steelers 24

Oakland Raiders made their football history yesterday in the stunning 27 - 24 upset of Pitts. Steelers.

Patriots 21 Dolphins 22

Simply put. The decline of the New England Patriots.

-<>- MNF

Ravens @ Packers

This is f***** up, man. I gotta laugh.


Tuesday Dec 8, 2009

This is 30 Minutes. A Daily Baby Sports Study.


-[]- Where Are The Stimulus $$?

Santa Obama is comin' to the States : More stimulus $$ ??

** Arts

-[]- Life

** Indian long overdue entitlement

** Health related news: "Better food choices" + proper exercises.

-[]- Science:

** NASA news: Space monkeys in the works??

Related news: NASA says "Hell Yes", while the animal rights supporters saying "Hell No" to monkey testing. I gotta laugh.

-[]- Entertainment:

-<>- My Tin Tin , Man.

** Besides Asterix Obelix Lucky Luke , the Smurfs the Tin Tin series is one of Baby Sports FAVORITES.

Film director Steven Spielberg has been making the first installment of "the adventures of Tin Tin" series, the Secret of Unicorn, due out in 2011.

-[]- A Behavioral Study:

** The daily "appreciative" effects According to Baby Sports' wisdom, a word is worth more than a gift.

Baby Sports' examples, say "thank you":

+ For cooking, after eating, even the foods suck.

+ When eating the daily FREE breakfast.

+ Joke: This is 30 Minutes. Thank you for reading, watching.


-[]- Australia - Norway: Both at odds over whales

** Archive: EU's whale hunting reform -- "Whaling peace talks"

-[]- Italy-United States: Relations at The Crossroads?

** The Amanda Knox case The difference is this is the violent case in which a life was taken.

** Archive: The CIA rendition . Justice what? There is no such things called international justice. IF there is one, CIA agents involved should do time in Italian prisons as well.

-[]- A Behavioral Study:

** Is there foul play in chess?

** Western morality a double standard? An Egyptian Opinion

-[]- Art:

** 2009 Turner Prize ** Related news from BBC


-<>- College Football: The Setting of This Season's BCS Matchups.

** National Championship @ Pasadena, CA

Texas v. Alabama

** Rose Bowl @ Pasadena, CA

Ohio State v. Oregon

** Fiesta Bowl @ Glendale, AZ

Boise State v. TCU

** Orange Bowl @ Miami, FL

Iowa v. Georgia Tech

** Sugar Bowl @ New Orleans, LA

Cincy v. Florida


Wednesday Dec. 9, 2009

A Daily Baby Sports Study.


-[]- WINNER of 2009 Nobel Peace Prize

-[]- Life

** Cajun Christmas A Southern celebration.

** Related religion news: Is the mixing beautiful?

-[]- Business

** Marriott expansion in Mexico. The currency exchange rate

-[]- Entertainment& Culture

** The freedom to sue: A pop lawsuit?

** California's Chihuahua crisis??

** Variety magazine's PAY WALL.

Baby Sports' 30 Minutes is FREE to all ages.

** Cartoon: "The Princess and The Frog" A hand drawn animation.

Joke: Baby Sports' favorite casino slot game is the FROG PRINCE. Baby Sports sincerely prays the 1 cent FROG PRINCE slot game will pop so Baby Sports can win some $$.

-[]- Face Value

Stuart Gibson , the worldwide museum crusader.


-[]- Taiwan - China: Regarding China's military buildup, what do you need, Taiwan?. Is Peace in the Pacific boring?

-[]- Norway's sky light

-[]- Amnesty International:

** Iranian abuses.

** In Nigeria, Africa: what brutality? -- Terrible abuses of power, human rights violations.

-[]- Business

-<>- Auto news:

** Germany's Volkswagen - Suzuki of Japan:

SEE Baby Sports' previous post in Baby Sports Institute, Volkswagen to press forward, below 9/24/2009.

** BMW sponsoring 2012 Olympics

-[]- Other Culture & Entertainment News


-[]- UEFA Champions League -The last day of the group stage process

A Baby Sports Observation: Inter Milan v. FC Rubin Kazan

FC Rubin Kazan -- Inter Milan

Baby Sports observes this match in several aspects, tactical football standpoint, weather conditions, etc.


Recap: Rubin Kazan 0 Inter Milan 2

-[]- NFL

Buffalo Bills should consider Herm Edwards, the former NY Jets head coach. The appointment of the fine coach in Herm Edwards, if he still has the desire to coach again, to the Bills post will elevate the AFC East.

New England Patriots are on the slope, unless they make the proper adjustments in the key positions, defensively, offensively. In last week's loss to the Dolphins, the Patriots defense, having the lead 21-19, was unable to hold off the Dolphins CLASSIC, winning drive resulted in the FG. 22-21 Dolphins. That was the Patriots' fault. NO GOOD.

NY Jets : For sure, QB Mark Sanchez will be voted Rookie of the Year.

Thursday Dec 10, 2009

A Daily Baby Sports Study.


-[]- Environment

** A $1.8 billion pollution cleanup

-[]- Life

** The "Invictus" domino effects. The earth is round & life is the circle, isn't it?

SEE Baby Sports' previous post above, INVICTUS - A Baby Sports Movie preview 11/16/2009

-<>- Opinion & Forum: Bilingual discrimination?

-[]- A Behavioral Study:

** The food prices

** The soy effects

Joke: Every woman has two forwards-the breasts. Don't let the breast cancer take one of your forwards.

Question: What kind of forwards are there?

* Round & solid like ORANGE -- Tiny like English MUFFIN -- gross like WATERMELON

I gotta laugh.

No Mammograms Needed : Baby Sports' hands & fingers are magical. Introducing the result-oriented procedure: Baby Sports squeezes a woman's forwards a few times. Breast cancer gone. COME SEE Baby Sports in person.

** Weather news - The Human conditions : there is one thing Baby Sports does NOT comprehend. People died in both the heat & cold conditions every year. Why? Things do NOT have to be this way. SEE Baby Sports in the winter. Baby Sports is getting stronger and stronger in the severe weather.

-[]- Science

** 215m yrs. old "Tawa Hallae"

-[]- Entertainment

-<>- Opinion:

** Motion pictures a cultural tool?


-[]- Turkey - Cyprus: Miles apart?

-[]- United Nations: Human Rights Day

-[]- Transportation:

** World's fastest train


-[]- College Football

-<>- Opinion: Brian Kelly to Univ. of Notre Dame.

Question: Can he turn the Notre Dame football program around?

-<>- A Baby Sports Opinion: If you look at the football style, with respect to the Notre Dame football hiring decision, Connecticut's Randall Edsall would be the better choice. Why? BECAUSE:

** According to Notre Dame football schedule, they will be playing Big 10 teams, Michigan, Michigan State besides USC. How Notre Dame is supposed to compete & WIN against those said teams under Brian Kelly who favors the mostly passing game style?

** At UConn, Randall Edsall has built the sufficient ground game with occasional passing. With limited football talent, he coached the blue collar UConn football team to the Bowl game this year.

-[]- Golf: The Tiger Woods Saga

-<>- A Baby Sports Opinion:

** The American public, sports fans in particular, should be tolerant of Tiger's imperfection in life . However, this is a forgiving society.

** The game of golf is what makes Tiger Woods GREAT in terms of clutch & winning a number of championships. The Masters & US Open both are coming up. IF Tiger Woods, with due respect, can regain his golf concentration, championship form, what is the beter way to quite the tabloid, ill intent media than winning BOTH or either the Masters or US Open? Just win, Tiger.

Friday Dec. 11, 2009



Monday Dec 14, 2009


A Daily Baby Sports Study.

-[]- A Behavioral Study

** The Nike position Plain & simple. In the Tiger Woods-less tourney, golf loses its excitement.

* Related news from Tiger's caddie Question: Is Tiger Woods the victim of those bitches out there? -- Accenture pulled

* Recap, so far

-[]- Face Value

** Combat women in Afghanistan..... and in American society where the $$ rules.

** Singer Shakira, founder of the Barefoot Foundation

-<>- A Baby Sports Movie Classic:

** The Shipping News starring Kevin Spacey, Cate Blanchett, Judi Dench.

Quiz: Which movie(s)??

** _______________________ starring Robert Redford, Faye Dunaway.

** _______________Trilogy starring Matt Damon.


-[]- The latest on the Afghan conflict:

** Is the wartime propaganda still needed? -- Opinion: the challenges await

-[]- The Pacific : China's economic recovery

-<>- Opinion: US - China head-on collision??

-[]- Aviation news: Pacific shopping? * Archive: "How Japanese learned to fly". According to this article, the majority of Boeing aviation technologies - the key components - are Japanese.


-[]- NBA

** The state of the Washington Wizards

A. Jamison, G. Arenas & C. Butler have been the core of this team. The Wizards made the right hire in Flip Saunders, one of Baby Sports' favorite NBA coaches, who should be given more time to reshape & make this club competitive again. Breaking up the trio of Jamison, Arenas & Butler will damage this club.

-[]- NFL Week 14 Recap

-<>- In the AFC

Dolphins 14 Jaquars 10

Broncos 16 Colts 28

-<>- In the NFC

Packers 21 Bears 14

Chargers 20 Cowboys 17

What's the matter? Cowboys defensive backs have been playing like COWGIRLS. The matter is the Cowboys secondary can hit but can NOT cover their back field. In week 13 Cowboys' loss at NY Giants cost Baby Sports Institute the monthly rent $$. In week 14 Cowboys surrendered to SD Chargers in a 20-17 loss cost Baby Sports a 8 leggers. Other 7 leggers WINNERS. The lost legg was Cowboys. NO GOOD.

A Baby Sports Opinion:

The Cowboys in need of a coaching shakeup? Baby Sports would like to put the "All Rights Reserved" tag on this: Hire Mike Shanahan to be the next head coach. Seriously.

Eagles 45 NY Giants 38

C'mon, Eagles. Win the East division, Eagles.

-<>- MNF

Cardinals @ SF 49ers


Tuesday Dec 15, 2009

A Daily Baby Sports Study.


-[]- Life

** Illegal students in the U.S

Coming to Australia to continue to live, study & work, anyone. Australia welcomes all with the open arms.

-<>- The Hidden Truth - The Social Mobility to Australia: For years, since the 90s in particular, there have been more than a half of millions of the middle class American families relocated to Australia.

-[]- A Behavioral Study

** The welfare of the circus elephants? PETA & circus groups at odds

-[]- Entertainment

-<>- The 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards

** 2009 Nominations

-[]- Race in Society

** The Black Panther inquiry. The latest

-[]- Anniversary

Bill of Rights at 218


-[]- Australia - Japan: "the whaling war"

SEE Baby Sports' previous WHALE post above on 12/8.

-[]- EU & South Americas: The end of the "banana war"?

Related BANANA news from BBC

-[]- The latest on the world wonder MACHU PICCHU

-[]- A Behavioral Study

** Octopus in the coconut shell

* Related news & others from Brits' Sky News

** Australia: Local wine over Coke & water?


-[]- NHL

** Recap

-[]- NBA

** Recap


Thursday Dec 17, 2009


-[]- A Behavioral Study

** When veterans say "god damned"

** Tech news: My Ideas, Man - Apple sues Nokia

One of the examples that many companies, corporations, entities of all sizes have been built upon legal thieveries, stealing ideas from others who sometimes had NO legal recourse.

-[]- Consumer News:

** Coca Cola forecast

-[]- Art:

** World's Biggest Artwork


-[]- The Afghanistan conflict:

** The $$ Opinion: $5 million every hour??. There are many loopholes to abuse the $$ figures.

-[]- Australia - Japan: the whaling predicament

SEE Baby Sports' previous WHALE posts above on 12/8, 12/15, respectively.


** Consumer:

* Prices up: Garlic - Water

** Entertainment: Taekwondo monkey

** Tourism: Macao today. A Chinese perspective

-[]- Opinion: What climate deal? The best deal is no climate deal at all.

Related news: "Deadlock in Copenhagen"

-[]- 2009 Kurt Schork Awards


-[]- Golf

-<>- The Tiger Woods Saga

Joke : Baby Sports The Marriage Counselor

Tiger and his wife in the last efforts to save their marriage.

Baby Sports the marriage counselor:

+ You see, the infidelity is part of the American fabric. A way of life. Since Tiger won a dozen golf championships, you as his wife should have considered every woman with whom he slept a championship. Cheating was part of the game sometimes. As of right now, the game of golf needs Tiger Woods. He doesn't need golf.

+ The divorce is the easy way out. There is the divorce drive thru around the corner. It only takes 5 minutes. There are many shark bitches in every domain of society, who use their pussy to make noises to advance in life. To me, they are no better than prostitutes.

+ Staying together and navigating the marriage through the storm is challenging. Coming to live in places like Australia, Sweden for a while. Wait until the storm is over. However, you guys have 2 kids together. If the divorce takes place, the ill intent, piece of shit tabloid will win. You guys gotta be strong to navigate it through the storm, for your children's sake. Whichever avenue you guys decide to take, make it the good one. You see, there is always the middle ground in the marriage you guys can come to & work it out. Think about it. Plain and simple. The tabloid will lose, if you guys throw the divorce consideration out of the window.

Baby Sports is always for bringing people together.

-[]- MLB

** Oakland A's new ballpark

-[]- NFL

** PepsiCo no show @ Super Bowl

** Bengals' Chris Henry. A Baby Sports condolences

** Colts @ Jaquars Preview

Colts god blessed(WIN) or god damned(LOSE) @ Jaquars tonight?

-<>- NFL Week 14 preview

** Packers @ Steelers

Pitts. Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin a few weeks ago:"We won't go away gentlely..."

Regarding the Packers game this week, are the Steelers gonna be naughty?




Monday Dec 21, 2009


-[]- NCAA Volleyball Championship(Sat)

** Texas - Penn State 2 - 3 F

Pretty good.

-[]- College Basketball(Sat) Recap

-<>- The field of 65: the cinderellas

** Xavier - Butler 68 -69 F

** Texas Tech - Wichita State 83 - 85 F

** Northern Colorado - Oklahoma 79 - 80 F

** South Carolina - Wofford 61 -68 F

-[]- NFL Week 15

Recap : Wonderful!

-<>- In the AFC

** Colts survived Jaquars, 35 - 31 F (Thurs.) ** Dolphins - Titans 24 - 27 F

** Bengals - Chargers 24 - 27 F

-<>- In the NFC

** Eagles - SF 49ers 27 - 13 F. Eagles clinch the playoff spot.

** Cowboys(+280ML) - Saints 24 - 17 F (Sat). Look for the rematch in the playoffs?

** Packers - Steelers 36 - 37 F

** AZ Cardinals, swept by SF 49ers, no problem @ Lions, 31 - 24 F.

-[]- MNF

NY Giants - Redskins


Tuesday Dec 22, 2009


-[]- A Behavioral Study

** A $290 million decision upheld.

HEADLINE: The software empire, Microsoft, GUILTY of stealing the technology ideas of Canada's i4i Inc.

** This case is NOT about money. The $290 million judgment is nothing to Microsoft whose net values are worth $$ hundreds of billions. The implications are huge in terms of how the future Microsoft products will be received worldwide, etc.

SEE Baby Sports' previous post on 12/17, A Behavioral Study - Apple sues Nokia.

-[]- Society

** A look at the homelessness from all angles.

** The E book, the E reader in people's lives.

** Religion: The Bible belt states.

-[]- Face Value

Serena Williams AP Female Athlete of Year 2009.

-[]- Entertainment

-<>- America's Evening News War

ABC News brings in the news heavyweight in Diane Sawyer.

** A Baby Sports news forecast: with news anchor Diane Sawyer, ABC Evening News will regain the No.1 spot. NBC & CBS Evening News will be overmatched.

-<>- Movie:

Shrek Forever After, The Final Chapter. The first was good. The second sequel was terrible. How the third sequel be?


-[]- Canada's Vancouver homelessness

-[]- Opinion

** Pakistan Today

** Benazir Bhutto, Pakistani woman of the decade? The country of Pakistan could have been much better shape domestically, internationally, under Benazir Bhutto. What a loss?

-[]- Environment

** The Nile river pollution


My jokes reasonate every Christmas.

-<>- In the night of a thousand stars, the angels were singing "Oh Holy Night". The mother screamed suddenly. A babe was born. The only babe that was. Unlike other babies, this babe 's first words on earth:"What are the scores?". He has been talking sports since. That's why people call him Baby Sports.

-<>- Why there was the song "Blue Christmas"?

Because the lips service people didn't invite Baby Sports for Christmas.

-<>- A Baby Sports Movie Classic: Merry Christmas



Wednesday Dec 23, 2009

40 Minutes of Baby Sports Christmas Music:

"O Come, O Come Em"

Silent Night , sung by Nana Mouskouri

Away In A Manger

Abide with Me - St Paul Cathedral Choir

Ave Maria (Franz Schubert version) - G. Zamfir -[]- O Tannenbaum -[]- Little Drummer Boy - Boney M

21st Century Christmas Message - Baby Sports

Kling Glockchen - James Last Orchestra

Monday Dec 28, 2009

Year 2010: A Baby Sports New Year Resolution

Baby Sports is sincerely praying:

-[]- Good Health. Baby Sports is getting stronger every day.

-[]- Prosperity. Baby Sports would like to make some $$.

A Sports Behavioral Study

-<>- NFL recap : Bucs 20 Saints 17 OT.

** News Orleans Saints lost UNEXPECTEDLY to Tampa Bay Bucs, 17 - 20 OT. In the following Monday, the sports media was in the panic mood across the board, looking at the others, without smiling, with the mouth open. What happened to the Saints, a 14 pts favorite in the Bucs game, at - 850 M/L?

** MNF: Vikings @ Bears. The Bears came to play DIRTY v. Minnesota Vikings. A + 320 M/L underdog. The baby Bear legion outran the Vikings in the cold, windy Chicago evening. 36 - 30 Bears OT win.

** Play this way again with the different teams this week. I liked it.


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