Friday, September 18, 2009


Friday Oct 16, 2009

* FIFA U-20 WORLD CUP 2009 -[]- Airing on ESPN

-[]- Ghana - Brazil

C'mon Ghana. Ghanan Football History In The Making? The underdog Ghana can go from god damn to god blessed by winning the Under 20 WC title today.

2:48Pm PT Ghana 1 - Brazil 0 F/ Penalty kicks. Congratulations Ghana

* MLB:

NLCS Game 2 Phillies @ Dodgers

ALCS Game 1 Angels @ NYY


Sat. Oct 17, 2009 * College Football *


Baby Sports saluting the college football games this week. Great college football games across the board. Today's each game has their own greatness, drama, such as Arkansas v. Florida, Oklahoma v. Texas, etc.

USC v. Notre Dame: Baby Sports applauded the Notre Dame football, and is properly praying they get back on the winning soon. USC won the game because they spreaded their offense and got the favorable mismatches in WRs, TEs. Issues To Adjust: Notre Dame defense mistackled many times.

Beyond The Scoreboards: Regardless of the results , this is how the student athletics across the country can progress in life by playing to the finish on the football field. Please don't quit.

College Football Lesson Learned? Baby Sports is sincerely praying that NFL's winless Titans will wake up tomorrow morning and be playing like Arkansas played Florida today in trying to upset the favorite NE Patriots.


Sunday Oct 18, 2009 NFL

Notes: Teams coming off the BYE week often played great.

Week 6 Recap:

AFC East:

Chickens Football: A good team like NE Patriots, having the game won at half time, 45 - 0, runs up the score in the 2nd. half on the winless Titans, 59 - 0 F. Terrible Patriots!

Buffalo Bills are capable of combating the Patriots, if they are committed, keeping T.O and acquiring a couple of players from the other floudering AFC teams such as Jacksonville Jaquars.


South - Tough But Challenging Schedule: Young Falcons' football experience by playing well rested teams coming off the BYE week.

North: Minnesota Vikings undefeated, while Green Bay Packers & Chicago Bears flying under the radar.

West: C'mon Seahawks' Jim Mora. The mobil QB Seneca Wallace is more suitable to Jim Mora's coaching philosophy & operating the game of football. QB change to be made in Seattle?

East Reset: Idle Cowboys pick up a half game on NY Giants & Eagles, both of whom lost this week.


Saturday Oct 24, 2009

-[]- College Football


Game(s) of the Week:

-[]- While Penn State applied the pressure in a 35 - 10 win over Michigan, both Iowa & Michigan State were outstanding in terms of great defensive displays, playing the kind of tactical chess football. Iowa survived Michigan State, 15 - 13 F.

-[]- Alabama blocked Tenn. FG in 12 - 10 win.


Sunday Oct 25, 2009

-[]- NFL

Bay Area football: San Francisco 49ers @ Houston Texans -[]- NYJ @ Oakland Raiders

Week 7 Recap:

AFC - NFC Recap:

-[]- Colts, Packers, Patriots, all unopposed in their perspective away wins this week.

-[]- Saints offense production output: Sneaky Saints completed the 2nd. half comeback win at Miami, picking up a game on the undermaned Falcons who, playing without 3 starters including a cornerback, lost to Cowboys, 21 - 37 F.

-[]- Bills regrouped in 20 - 16 win at Panthers.

-[]- B & B: For 3 hrs. Bengals played like the once great Bears, while the Bears suddently became the once sore Bengals. Bengals 45 Bears 10 F.

The Comparable Matchup of The Week:

Vikings miscues & Brett Favre intercepted a couple of times handled Pitts. Steelers a 27 - 17 win.

MNF: Eagles 27 Redskins 17 F

* After Week 7: NY Giants 5-2, Cowboys 4-2, Eagles 4-2, Redskins 2-5


Friday Oct 30, 2009

-[][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][] HALLOWEEN EDITION [][][][][][][][][][]][][][][][][][][][][][][][]

This is for Entertainment purpose ONLY.

-[]- Real Life Ghost Stories * Archive: "Haunted America Tours"

-[]- Book: Acceptable Risk, the book about Salem witch trials and drug research, written by Robin Cook

-[]- Movie: Academy Awards nominated Ghost starring Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore, Whoopi Goldberg

-[]- Sports Ghost Stories

** MLB: Haunted Hotel

** NHL: Ghosts of the Edmonton Oilers live, in person.

-[]- Joke: Ghosts Who?

I, Baby Sports, gonna exhibit the monkey fungfu this Halloween. Bruce Lee style. I gotta laugh.

To be continued later.


Saturday Oct 31, 2009

-[]- College Football

Step 1: Look at the standings ** Related news: Fox Sports' Bowl Projections: Week 8

Step 2: See where the $$ breads & meals are.

Step 3: Study all the matchups.

The BCS Implications: -[]- Cincy @ Syracuse

Game of The Week? -[]- Texas @ Oklahoma State

Other game(s):

-[]- Kansas @ Texas Tech

* (1-2 conf., 5-2)Kansas' Bowl qualifying on the line.

Step 4: Have a good weekend.


Sunday Nov 1, 2009

-[]- NFL

Jaquars @ Titans

Tennessee Titans Options:

A/ Finish 1st from the bottom up, by losing all remaining games, to qualify for the No. 1 QB pick in either Tim Tebow(Florida) or Bradford(Oklahoma). Rebuild & start from scratch.

B/ Play on. Titans would like to have the winning record from Week 7 to Week 16, respectively.

Archive: Titans News

Saturday Nov 14, 2009

-[]- College Football

** Big 10 Football Combat: Iowa @ Ohio St

C'mon Iowa . Win this game for the state of Iowa. Last week's Northwestern game was a bump. Don't go down like that.

** Other game(s): Nebraska @ Kansas

C'mon Kansas. Kansas Jayhawks football season on the line, in term of whether or not going to a Bowl game.


Sunday Nov 15, 2009


-[]- AFC/NFC Wild Card Positioning


In the AFC:

-[]- West:

** Broncos & Chargers all squared at 6 - 3. Show down next week.

-[]- North:

** Marvin Lewis and the Bengals: The new Bengals(7-2) in charge after the Steelers(6-3) sweep.

** Ravens(4-4) idle this week.

-[]- South:

** Colts cruise, play Patriots tonight

** Jaquars(5-4) renaisance in a 24 - 22 WIN at NY Jets.

-[]- East:

Dolphins, Ny Jets & Bills All underachieved, almost done for season.

In the NFC:

-[]- East:

** Cowboys(6-3) in the driver seat for the East division title this year. Cowboys' game distribution program working so well, so far: Teams often win the week before playing Cowboys. Example: Redskins' turn in a 27 -17 win over Broncos this week. Cowboys @ Redskins next week.

** NY Giants(5-4) idle this week.

** Eagles(5-4) half sold out?

-[]- North:

** Vikings(8-1) unopposed after the Packers(5-4) sweep.

** Packers(5-4) keep the playoff hope alive. Packers' 17 -7 win over Cowboys today illustrated Cowboys didn't play well in the cold weather, Packers' screen, draw plays gained big yards, especially to the right side, in a 17 - 7 win.

-[]- South:

** Saints(9-0)

** Falcons(5-4) sandwiched in the tough schedule, playing teams coming OFF the bye week & division games on the road. Young Falcons stumbled sometimes in away games: this week's 28 - 19 loss at Panthers is an example.

-[]- West:

** Cardinals

** Niners(4-5)