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Baby Sports' Wall of Soccer: Espana 82 -- Euro 84 -- Mexico 86 -- Euro 88 -- Italy 90 -- Euro 92 -- USA 94 -- Euro 96 -- France 98 -- Euro 00 -- Japan/South Korea 02 -- Euro 04 -- Germany 06 -- Euro 08 -- South Africa 10

----- Australia 2018-2022?

About Baby Sports:

In the night of a thousand stars, the angels were singing the song, "Oh, Holy Night".
The mother screamed suddendly. A babe was born. The only baby it was. Unlike any other babies, this baby has been talking sports since. That's why people called Baby Sports.


'09 Confederations Cup USA -Italy 1-3, Brazil - USA 3-0, USA - Egypt 3-0. Semis: USA - Spain 2-0. Final: Brazil - USA 3-2: SOLD OUT from the top, US soccer federations, to the bottom, ESPN Soccer televising the Cup tourney. Shame on them. The 2nd. half introduction of J. Bornstein, who already lost the left back spot, and Kljestan weakened USA midfield. Brazil seized the midfield. US goalie Tim Howard and his defensive unit were in waiting to be slaughtered by Brazilian midfielders & forwards. Subsequently, Brazil captain, Lucio, scored the winner. 3-2 Brazil.

'09 Gold Cup Final Mexico - USA 5-0. US Soccer fell to Mexico, out of 2013 Confederations Cup. Regarding this Confederations Cup final loss, I, Baby Sports, have NO word left for the fucking, stupid, short-sighted Espn Soccer people.
Summary: Fuck Me (in the Confederations Cup), 2-3. Fuck You (in the Gold Cup), 5-0.

What's next: Does US Soccer stop being a bully in CONCACAF, after this Gold Cup loss? Is US Soccer currently in the Cup tournament-less predicament? Is US Soccer at the crossroad? Whether US Soccer turns left, right or goes straight, it gotta go through Baby Sports. Wanna good soccer results: It's Baby Sports when it comes to soccer, baby.

Related Soccer News:

Fox Sports Soccer v. ESPN Soccer in the EPL? .... And the English Premier League(EPL) issues

Aug. 18, 2009 The State of English Football: English football had been outrun by European oppositions. Plain and simple. After the Heysel ban, the recreation of the EPL, there has been the influx of forgein born players signed with English clubs across the board. What for? Why? The purpose is to help English compete at clubs, national level and winning some silverwares(Cups). Who is currently in charge of England team? Self explainatory.

2018-2022 World Cup Bids: Australia


Woman to Woman(Shirley Brown) - Rambling Rose(Nat King Cole) - I See the Boat on the River(Boney M) - 500 Miles - We're the World(Michael Jackson) - The Tide is High(the Blondie) - El Lute(Boney M) - La Soledad(Pink Martini) - Come Share the Wine(Al Martino) - California Blue(Roy Orbison) - I Believe in You(Il Divo & Celine Dion) - The Special Forces song - Friends for Life(S. Brightman & J. Carreras) - I Hate You then I Love You(Pavarotti & Celine Dion) - Far East of the Sun(Helmut Lotti) - Heaven is A Place on Earth(B. Carlisle) - Movie sound track - Anh yeu em(Andrea Bocelli & Judy Weiss) Em co yeu anh khong? and much more music later......

The Bands: Abba - Boney M - Kaoma - The Universal "Vivo Per Lei" -[]- Metallica - Scorpions - Toto -

NBA Album:

In the post Larry Byrd's Celtics, Phil Jackson, as Bulls head coach, introduced basketball to corporate America by winning 6 championships.

Pistons - Spurs

NHL AlBum:

Islanders - Penguins('93, Game 7) ** SJ Sharks - Det. Red Wings('94) ** Stars - Oilers ** Blues - Coyotes('99, Game 7) ** Devils - Hurricanes tango('09): Game 3, Game 4


WC: France - West Germany('82) ** West Germany - Argentina('86) ** Argentina - Italy('90) ** England - Germany('90) ** USA - China

Euro: England - Germany('96) ** The Danes unexpected Euro'92 title ** Greeks'04 championship run

NFL Album:

SB XLII: Patriots - NY Giants


BEERS: Alien - Budweiser ** Aussie Beers


The Goodwill of Australia's Ian Thorpe and the former NBA star Mutombo

Recent Business Acquisitions:

The Opel
: Bad deal. Why? Last year Germany's Volkswagen finished 2nd. in worldwide sales - a about a half millions units short - behind Japan's Toyota. No wonders the German govt. is calculatedly behind the Opel deal with GM, which will give Volkswagen the European auto market, particularily Eastern Europe. What GM should have done is letting Italy's Fiat acquire Opel in conjunction with Chrysler.
According to the Economist magazine, "a combination involving Fiat, Chrysler and Opel offers the best route to success.....".
Is the Opel sale a good deal: Hell no. The proposed sale of Opel was convenient for the GM top brats who already sold their souls to the devils. GM CEOs, executives all left with millions in bonuses, pensions, ect., leaving behind the legions of their workers, retirees with their mouths open.

Auto News:

9/24 Volkswagen to press forward -[]- Goldman Sachs investment in Chinese carmaker Geely

9/25 India's auto exports


Intel -- Nokia partnership
: Nokia sales have been gone south in the last few years, due to lack of innovations in their handset designs. Now the Finns company is coming to Intel: "Hello, baby. It's been a long time. How ya business been going? Intel moans:"I have been struggling". Nokia suggests:"Let's get naked". Intel:"I(Intel chips) wanna get deep inside of ya(Nokia handsets)".
That's how the Intel Nokia partnership is formed. It will open the door for Nokia to enter the North American market. * Aug. 11 Microsoft - Nokia This is what is going to happen: After the series of indirect, direct acquisitions, mergers, the small portions of Silicon Valley will be in Microsoft control. Aug. 24, 2009 Nokia Booklet 3G

Selling the Chicago Cubies??
: wait & see -[]- 9/24/09 Chicago Cubs sale OK


Leonard Da Vinci - Genghis Khan - Napoleon - America's Birthplace - A Time for Burning - Antarctica - Falklands War - Bravo 2 Zero - Music for Your Eyes


Terra Cotta Soldiers


Let's get naked: Without clothes, all people - the human beings I should say - look the same.

New Agriculture Tool?

Baseball Science: the boiling temperature in the West. The air is thick in the summer. With the current implementation of the new MLB policy, the players' hitting power is probably not there. The ball may stay in the ball park in games, especially day games, played in the California heat. Question: What is the avg. duration of a game played in California this summer? a/ Less than 2hrs. b/ More than 2hrs. c/ Within 2-3hrs. d/ None of the above.


The Manche Tunnel: In the mid 1980s, the French and Brits engineers digged, built the tunnel under the Manche Sea. An enginnering wonder at that time. I was flipping the pages of the Science et Vie(Science and Life) magazine with amazement.

The Jetman: The former Swiss pilot flew himself from France to England. The technology can be used in the future military operations.

New Nano Application in The Intelligence Field - One of Air Force's newest toy - 21st Centutry War Toys


Inter. Circus: Golden Power -[]- Ballet: Hand in Hand


1/It's for better memory: a couples of vegetable juices such as carrot on the daily basis will enhance the memory.

2/Honey: a couple of teaspoons of honey. Baby Sports' virgin sperm, which is sticky, delicious like bees honey, will surely increase your life expectancy.

3/Salads News: Anything FRESH is good for your health. Neither caned, pre-packed foods nor pills. Vitamins can also be found in veges & fruits.

Foods: Healthy foods

4/ Drinking Water: : I boil the tap water, then put it in the refrid. It's free, healthy water at best. Pay no $ for the bottled water. Worldwide perspective on the current bottled water product: Australia - Brittain.

4/The Economy & Alcohol Consumption: Drinking is bad for your health, baby.

Baby Sports examines the relationship between socioeconomic fators and alcohol consumption.

a/Increase income leads to an increase in alcohol consumption and price increases lead to decreases in alcohol. The alcohol consumption increases among the people in the financial sector, due to the economic crisis.

b/Divorced women, too.


Kay Ryan: The 16th poetry ambassador of the U.S


Google - Microsoft: The New Battle.


Telecom - troubles.

What Bowl? Oh, The Bowl Championship Series(BCS)
...and The Open Forum

The NFL goes to Court.


The Pope & The Economic Crisis

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