Wednesday, December 30, 2009


-[]- Breakfast at the U.S. Supreme Court:

No more campaign finance reform. The Supreme Court has ruled.

With good intention, John McCain & Russ Feingold proposed the campaign finance reform to highlight the unfairness in the American political process. Together they had been opposed by the formidable forces: the American pettiness & greeds. Today, 1/21/2010, the McCain Feingold finance reform crusade partially put to rest in favor of the American corporations & special interests.

Simply put it this way: What are the elections for? NOTHING. From now on, these seats would be put up for auction in the supermarkets around this country. Whoever pays the highest prices will get those seats.

Joke: Reform the biscuits. Baby Sports to reform the biscuits for breakfast.

LONG LIVE Sen. John McCain.

** What sequel??

Joke: Baby Sports the adviser

John McCain, the one time maverick, is turning into the complete career politician. What is Baby Sports' advice? Retirement is probably the appropriate word. At the age of 74, John McCain is past a lot of things in life. He should have served best by spending time with his family, watching his children, grandchildren grown up. There is more to life than the office. Running for another term would only serve the media.

-[]- Entertainment:

-<>- Clint Eastwood's "Invictus" on the eve of the 2010 Oscars nominations.

* With due respect, James Cameroon's sci-fi thriller "Avatar" is No.1 at the box office in the $$ term.

* Clint Eastwood's "Invictus" surely has the most profound, long lasting social impact. In life, look at today's Haiti in the earthquake aftermath. In sports, the Saints are going into Super Bowl XLIV combat, carrying the burden of the city of New Orleans once hit hard by Hurricane Katrina a few years ago. Real lives, real people & events. This is why the movie "Invictus" is so appealing. Clint Eastwood's directing was also creative. You will see it, if watched closely.

Question: How many Oscar nominations "Invictus" will receive on 2/2/2010?

a) 4 ; b) 3 ; c) 2 ; d) 1 ; e) None

-<>- Opinion: The making of Hollywood's B-movies. Profit driven.

-<>- 2/2/2010: The 82nd. Annual Academy Awards.

In "Invictus", Morgan Freeman's chance to win the Oscar is GOOD, while Matt Damon needs the curling free kick to upset this field. The oppositions in the "Supporting Actor" category are strong, Christopher Plummer, C. Waltz, Woody Harrelson, Stanley Tucci.

** SEE Baby Sports' previous post below, A Baby Sports Movie Preview: Invictus, in the Entertainment section on November 16, 2009.

-[]- The Thorium Energy??

-[]- A Behavioral Study:

-<>- The daily craftmanship. Sociologist Richard Sennett explores.

-<>- How far has the surveillance technology gone in the everyday life activities?

** The gaming entertainment

* Cheaters vs. Cheaters: take a look at Nevada's sports betting business from the technology angle.

At the sportsbook the number represents the team. In Northern Nevada, Reno for example, ALL the casino sportsbooks systematically use the SAME number for the SAME team daily. There gotta be the centralized computer system analyzing all the incoming sports bets on the daily basis. On one hand, the casino sportsbooks cheat. On the other hand, the games are compromised. Are they NOT? That's even up. Who cheats better, quicker wins.

** Monitoring the animal interactions

** In War & Peace: White collar manipulation & corruption practices

** Oh, No. This is messed up

A few sons of bitches out there might have hacked my email address in my only blog, Baby Sports in need of the special tech defense against the hackers.

-[]- Entertainment:

-<>- Opinion: the making of Hollywood's B-movies. Profit driven.

-[]- Obituary - Remembrance:

Rusty Kanokogi at 74.


-[]- Australia's Sydney University wins 2010 world debating championship.

* If Australia offers Baby Sports a FREE secondary & post secondary education, Baby Sports will go to Australia. So far, what Baby Sports has received in America is discrimination. Nothing more, nothing less.

-[]- A Behavioral Study:

-<>- The Middle East: Israel - Turkey relations at the crossroads?

** Related news: the ongoing tentions.

Both suddently at odds over a TV series. Israel's behavior towards Turkey is petty, short sighted & dumb found in this matter. The country of Israel surrounded by Iran, Syria, needs Turkey in the long term. Archive: Turkey missile purchase.

2/9/2010 -<>- The Middle East Briefing:

The U.S. missile build up in the Persian Gulf

-<>- The girlfriend equation

The equalizer: The Ideas of mine, Baby Sports' + A Girlfriend(widow or divorced) = Making History, Changing The Course of A Country's History For The Better.

-<>- Earthquake News:

Why the country of Haiti, Western Hemisphere's poorest, is IMPORTANT to the United States' security interests?

Geographically, it's just south of Miami, adjacent to the U.S territory Puerto Rico.

In the South, there are a few things needed to look into:

* Venezuela's Hugo Chavez is extremely unpredictable and has been using Venezuela's oil wells to make Argentina, Brazil flip the fingers at the International Monetary Fund(IMF). How many South American countries will fall into Venezuela's Chavez influence in this decade?

* Sometimes, committing the resources deep into the South American territories to fight civil wars, drugs wars, etc. proven unwise, ineffective.

* The ultimate expansion of the Panama Canal: the increased volume of shipments in this vast sea area. Joke: where are the pirates?

* The increasing presence of the Chinese, Korean commerce in South America. They have been sucking South America's natural resources to feed their growing economies.

-<>- The United States military presence in Haiti is a should be in the next decades. The current earthquake gives the U.S. the golden opportunity to re-build the economy from the ground up & utmostly re-establish the military presence there - the marines, arial & naval bases.


The prince arrived in Port Au Prince after years in exile abroad. He spoke to the Haitians crowd on the beach:"I'm the prince. Despite of the recent earthquake, the palace is still there. It's God's plan. I would like to sleep in it". The crowd looked at the others:"You aren't our prince. You are Baby Sports. We read your blog at" The prince turned left and right:"Oh!You guys are saying no to me because I don't have a woman with me. Give me one week. I shall be speaking to you again". The prince returned to America to get married in Nevada's drive thru chapel.

One week later, he spoke to the same crowd, pointing to the half blond, redhead woman next to him:"She would be your first lady". The crowd wondered:"What you got for us?". The prince replied:"I give you the FREE haircut, not taxcut. Since half of the population already BOLD, this promise is achievable". The crowd excited, inquired further:"What else?". The prince became serious:"Give me Haiti. I shall be making Haiti a shinning jewel, with America's military & economic assistance. Forget France. Since the earthquake, France has been intentionally, irrespondsively quite. Fuck France. Hello to the countries that came to aid Haiti in time of need". The prince wondered:"You guys wanna hear more?". He asked suddently:"What time is it?". The crowd:"It's almost 4 pm Pacific time". The prince appeared in a hurry:"I gotta go watch sports. There are a few good games this evening". The crowd yelled:"Get outta here, you Baby Sports".

And so the prince returned to live in exile in America again. A year later, Baby Sports Jr. was born.

-<>- Geographically, the country of Haiti is perfect in the U.S. interests.

-[]- War News:

-<>- The U.S global warfighting forces.

* Archive: The war business in $$

-<>- New war in year 2010? Well, the latest on the whaling war.

Related news from VOA, BBC, Bob Barker's dance with whales

* SEE Baby Sports' previous WHALE posts below in International section on Dec. 8, 09.

-[]- Art & Culture:

** Ancient Mayans & Year 2012 ** The death star a supernova?

-[]- Face Value:

Aldo Magazzeni, a fine example in the Afghan lives.

** On the Afghan front lines: the fucked up chow. Joke: Where are the steaks, BBQ prime ribs, Obama?


-[]- NFL Playoffs: the setting of the Wild Card matchups.

-<>- In the AFC: cold weather games.

** Opinion: The AFC critics

**Joke: C'mon Ravens, Patriots, NYJets & Bengals. Eat more Chinese foods, steaks, BBQ prime ribs & practice in the cold weather this week, etc. Make this week's wild cards the good ones in the cold, snowy weather.

** Ravens @ Patriots

** NY Jets @ Bengals

-<>- In the NFC:

"Nut" Football: this year's NFC playoffs should be billed as air-conditioned. All games either indoor or in +60 degree temperature.

** Eagles @ Cowboys

How NBC Sports will conduct this playoff game? Seriously? How many times NBC Sports has handled the "WIN" to the Cowboys in the last 3 years?

BE FAIR TO THE PHILADELPHIA EAGLES? This is partially the Eagles' fault, too. A few key Eagles players were SOLD OUT. Were they NOT? However, this is playoffs football. This is the reason why the Eagles - Cowboys rematch should be televised on NFL Network.

** Packers @ Cardinals

-[]- 2010 Australian Open

The Finals

** Women's singles: Serena Williams v. Justine Henin

Serena Williams(USA) 6-4 3-6 6-2 over Justine Henin(BEL)

** Men's singles: Andy Murray v. Roger Federer

Roger Federer(SUI) 6-3 6-4 7-6(13-11) over Andy Murray(ENG)

-[]- 2010 CAF Africa Cup of Nations

** Ghana vs. Egypt

The Egyptian Redemption: Pushed around in the 2009 Confederations Cup group stage. Missed the 2010 World Cup(L 0-1 to Algeria in the deciding group C match that featured 6 yellow cards in total. The post match violence & social unrest).

* The Championship Match: Egypt 1 Ghana 0 F.

* The Third Place Match: Algeria 0 Nigeria 1 F.


The Super Sports Week(February 1-7 2010): The games to watch.


* NCAA Basketball:

UConn 69 Louisville 82

UConn(3-6, 13-9 Big East) in the NIT this year?? They gotta make the adjustment in how to play their remaining conference road games: playing the tactical half court to save the energies in the 1st. half & outburst in the 2nd. half. UConn currently in the Big East basement with Big East's 3 stoogges, St. John's, Rutgers & Depaul, respectively.

Louisville improves to 5-4, 14-8 in Big East.

* NHL:

Flyers 3 Flames 0

The hard nose, hard hitting Flyers have been playing into the playoffs contention in the last couple weeks. Beast of the East: If the Flyers make the playoffs, they can match with any team in the East, Penguins, Caps, Bruins, respectively. Look for the Boston Bruins to play the Philly Flyers in a 7 game series this year?


* NHL R'Wings @ Sharks


* NCAA Basketball:

Pitts @ West Virginia ; William & Mary @ Old Dominion ; Wichita State @ UNI ; Miss. State @ Vanderbilt

* NHL Flyers @ Oilers


* NCAA Basketball:

UNC @ Virginia Tech ; Cincy @ Notre Dame ; Arizona @ Washington




* NCAA Basketball:

Nova @ Georgetown ; Marquette @ Providence ; Old Dominion @ VCU ; Clemson @ Virginia Tech ; Michigan State @ Illinois ; Arizona State @ Washington

* NHL:

Canucks @ Bruins ; Flyers @ Wild


-[]- Super Bowl XLIV

New Orleans Saints vs. Indianapolis Colts

Quarter by Quarter Breakdown

1st. Quarter

The total combined points moved from 13.5 to 10.5. The significant 3 points dropped. Self explainatory. The play designs of both teams in this 1st. quarter are MOSTLY gonna be 3 & out. Why? Both teams will punt in exchange to make space, room for the TV commercials. A low scoring in the 1st. quarter in the works?

2nd. Quarter

In contrast, the total points increased from 14.5 to 17 points. The game will be open up a bit.

3rd. & 4th. Quarter

The game will be open up. Just play football.


The city of New Orleans gone wild. 31 - 17 Saints.

The people of New Orleans can forget the daily hardship for a few days.

-[]- Canada: Vancouver Olympics 2010

-<>- Vancouver B.C Map

-<>- The Games:

++ Alpine Skiing

++ Bobsleigh

++ Short Track Speed Skating

Introducing Team Finland

** Women's Nordic Combined

** Men's Hockey: Team Canada is favored to win the gold medal. If they don't, it gonna be team Finland

Introducing Team Germany

++ Women's Biathlon: Martina Beck - Magdalena Neuner

The Germany medals prediction, according to a Harvard professor.

Deustchland hat die beste Mannschafts in Vancouver 2010??

Related Olympics News:

The Aussie kangaroo flag. So cute.

-[]- In Other Sports News:

Congratulations, Tigers

SEE Baby Sports' previous post below in Baby Sports Institute II, Baby Sports The Marriage Counselor in the Sports section on December 17, 2009.


-[]- 2010 World Cup Soccer

USA Soccer News:

** Coach Bob Bradley:"We commence the World Cup preparations...".

Commence this, Bob Bradley. In the recent friendly, USA 1 Honduras 3 F.

Under Bob Bradley USA soccer has been going NOWHERE. So far, from the 2009 Confederations Cup tourney to present, USA soccer coach Bob Bradley has been GUILTY for intentionally, knowingly, willingly, oppressing the soccer talent of Freddy Adu, the Ghanian born midfielder/forward who has been benched mostly during Bob Bradley's regime. The Freddy Adu update. This is just one of many examples of the American bully towards not only the forgein born but the Ghanian born soccer players in many ways at different soccer levels in American society. The other is the predicament of Eric Frimpong, the Ghanian born star midfielder of UC-Santa Barbara.

SEE Baby Sports' previous soccer posts, US soccer recap after the 2009 Confederations Cup in Baby Sports Institute below.

Question: What is the best solution regarding USA soccer coach Bob Bradley?

a) Fire the incapable Bob Bradley right now & appoint another coach capable of assembling the best starting XI for the 2010 World Cup South Africa tourney.

b) Reform the U.S. soccer federation from top to bottom.

c) Retain Bob Bradley for the tourney & fire him AFTER the 2010 World Cup.

d) None of the a) & b) above. Soccer business as usual.

e) All of the a) & b) above.

2/8/2010 - USA Soccer News:

The USSF presents the dumb & dumber.

As long as the likes of Sunil Gulati & Bob Bradley in charge, the prospect of a 3 & out - 3 group stage matches & OUT - in the USA World Cup 2010 adventure increases dramatically. Several soccer mistakes from the top, the USSF, to the bottom, the soccer team & related personels, were made, will be made, with regards to the followings:

Mistakes that were made:

Mistakes that would be made:

-<>- The more Landon Donovan enjoys his EPL experience carelessly, ruthlessly, the least he will be ready. With the way things are going, what Landon Donovan will bring to Bob Bradley's squad in June are his tired LEGS, body & mind.

-<>- When Bob Bradley selects his 23 man World Cup roster in May: Instead of fielding the best starting XI, Bob Bradley would pick the incapable players to the satisfaction of the special interests.

-<>- Question: What would occur when team USA soccer, for many reasons, incapable of winning in the square & fair manner at the World Cup stage?

The possibilities are many. Here is one of them: Bribes & kickbacks - using the purchasing power of the US $$ to influence the outcome of an international soccer match in many ways.

Related news: This is one of the fine corruption examples outside the sporting arenas. The point made: this same kind of corruption practices could be in the works at this year's World Cup.

Group C: England ; Slovenia ; USA ; Algeria

English Football News:

Rio Ferdinand to captain England. England manager Capello finally got it right. Congratulations.


I love the game of soccer so much. I have always wanted to see the USA soccer succeed at the World Cup stage. Plain and simple, team USA cannot succeed at the WC under Bob Bradley.

If I have a say in this roster selection matter, I will drop the following incapable players before the 23 man World Cup roster finalized:

Jonathan Borntein(Chivas USA) ; Sacha Kljestan(Chivas) ; Brian Ching(Houston)

I would add/insert Kyle Beckerman(Salt Lake) into the USA midfield. His forceful midfield plays are much needed in holding the midfield.


Vancouver Olympics 2010

Day 2:

-<>- Women's Biathlon:

What A Contest: In 7.5 km sprint, Slovakia's Anna Kuzmina claims gold by 1.5 sec.

Magdalena Neuner's fine performance put Germany on the medal board.

-<>- Women's Moguls: USA 1 Canada 0, as USA's Hannah Kearney tops Canada's Jennifer Heil for gold.

-<>- Short Track Speed Skating:

In Men's 1500 meter, the South Korean skaters were set for the medal sweep. Suddently, Apolo Anton Ohno said:"From Ohno to Ohyes." & went on to finish 2nd. in the final.

-<>- NBC Sports coverage:

There is one word to describle NBC Sports Olympics coverage in Day 1: Disaster. In an era where the massive technologies are available, NBC Sports opts for NOT showing LIVE events in Day 1. Big mistakes.

Why should people in the States watch the Olympics coverage in tape delay? Not only bad but terrible Olympics TV production.

Day 3:

-<>- Men's Moguls:

The Redemption: Alex Bilodeau wins 1st. home gold for Canada in 34 years.

-<>- Men's Nordic Combined:

The U.S SILVER victory. The most experienced U.S nordic combined team ever??

** Related News: " Jason Lamy Chappuis est un grand."(TF 1)

-<>- Men's Luge:

Tactical, cool German lugers, David Moeller & Felix Loch, rock at the world's fastest track: 1 gold, 1 silver, respectively.

Day 4:

-<>- Alpine Skiing:

The thrilling downhill run in review & the result:

Didier Defago(SUI) 1:54.31 - 1st. Swiss gold since 1988.

+ Archive: Didier Defago prior to today's competition

Aksel Swindal(NOR) 1:54.38

Bode Miller(USA) 1:54.40 - Bode Miller's last Olympic hurrah?

-<>- Snowboardingcross:

USA 2 Canada 0, as Seth Wescott overtakes Canada's Mike Robertson.

Related news: The Seth Wescott moment

-<>- Figure Skating

The pairs, free skate:

China's Shen & Zhao win gold, while Germany's Aliona Savchenko & Robin Szolkowy manage to win the valuable bronze.

-<>- Short Track Speed Skating:

The desire to thrive: South Korea's Tae Bum Mo wins gold in the 500m contest.

-<>- The Good Point:

NBC Sports scored the point with the brief "Polar Bears" segment in the Olympics Day 3 telecast. Besides the Games, they should insert something educational, wildlife, culture & characteristics of Canada into their nightly Olympics telecast.

Day 5:

-<>- Women's Biathlon - The 10km Pursuit

Magdalena Neuner(GER) 30:16.0

Anna Kuzmina(SLK) 30:28.3

Gold geht an M. Neuner. Silber an Anna Kuzmina.

-<>- Short Track Speed Skating:

The South Korean Improvement: Sang Hwa Lee captures the gold in the 500m contest at 76.09

Jenny Wolf(GER) 76.14

Wang Beixing(CHN) 76.63

-<>- Women's Luge:

Germany's Tatjana Huefner & Natalie Geisenberger: 1 gold, 1 bronze, respectively.

-<>- Curling

** Today's preliminary round robin matches & related news:

Britain 4 - 6 Sweden: 2009 World Champs Britain suffers 1st. loss.

USA Curling: NFL's Vernon Davis in Curling

Day 6:

-[]- Alpine Skiing

-<>- Special Edition: Battle of The Queens USA's Lindsey Vonn - Germany's Maria Riesch in the upcoming alpine skiing contests.

USA's Lindsay Vonn 1:44.19 - Julia Mancuso (+0.56): 1st.U.S 1-2 finish in the Alpine skiing since 1984.

* Related News: Inside the Lindsey Vonn - Julia Mancuso friendship & rivalry:

Lindsay Vonn should have been thankful of Julia Mancuso for helping shaped Vonn's skiing technique, so forth.

Elisabeth Goergl(AUT) (+1.46) wins the bronze.

-[]- Speed Skating - In 1000 meters:

USA's Shani Davis - Chad Hedrick: 1 gold, 1 bronze, respectively.

South Korea's Tae Bum Mo wins the silver.

-[]- Snowboarding - Halfpipe:

The Shawn White - Scott Lago cruiser in halfpipe: 1 gold, 1 bronze, respectively. Yahoo!Sports reports

Finland's Peetu Piiroinen wins the silver.

-[]- Luge - Men's doubles:

Gold: Andreas & Wolfgang Linger(AUT) 1:22.705

Silver: Andris & Juris Sics(LAT) 1:22.969 - (+0.269)

On the day dominated by the Americans in Women's Alpine Skiing, 1000m Speed Skating & Snowboarding, respectively, the Germans settle for the bronze in men's doubles.

Bronze: Patric Leitner & Alex Resch 1:23.040 - (+0.335)

-[]- NBC Sports @ Vancouver Olympics:

In the late 1990s, NBC Sports dropped the NFL bid in favor of the consecutive Winter & Summer Olympics. Canada's western province of B.C is the site of the 2010 Winter Games. At Vancouver Olympics, America's doorsteps, NBC Sports is probably having the worst Olympics in the TV coverage term. This is either their inability to forecast what is ahead, which event should be aired LIVE on the daily Olympic basis, or their refusal to do so for many reasons. The 17th of February is probably America's brightest Olympic moments in recent years. NBC Sports was NOT there to air it coast to coast LIVE. It began with Lindsey Vonn & Julie Mancuso running America to 1st. place in the medal standings. The U.S 1st 1-2 finish in the Alpine skiing since 1984.

So far, this is the best Olympics in terms of unpredictability, great finishes. For whatever reasons, NBC Sports was NOT there to capture those fine moments LIVE.

Day 7:

-<>- Alpine Skiing - Women's super-combined

Maria Riesch (GER) 2:09.14 - Julia Mancuso(USA) 2:10.08

Ich gratuliere zu Julia Mancuso. Vie geht's, baby? (How are you, baby?)

Silber fur sie. Schon die zweite Medaille fur Julia Mancuso.

-<>- Snowboarding

<> In women's halfpipe, Aussie baby Torah Bright wins 1st gold for Australia, ending the American domination of this sport.

-<>- Speed Skating - Women's 1000m

Christine Nesbitt(CAN) 1:16.56 edges Annette Gerritsen(NED) 1:16.58 by 0.02 second.

-<>- Ice Hockey

<> Men's:

The Canadian Awakening: Canada 3 Switzerland 2 F/SO. Don't be scare of Canada hockey.

Baby Sports is properly praying that this is just the beginning of what is billed as the best international hockey tournament in Olympics history.

Related News: Baby Sports and the Finns whose fighting spirits are legendary in sports as well as in life. Looking for Canada vs. Finland in the elimination stage. This Finns team boasting the entire NHL line-up can win as well, if they are committed. Kimmo Timmonen of Philly Flyers, the Koivu brothers, Tuomo Ruutu of Carolina Hurricanes and others. With respect, this Finish Olympic edition is very much capable of producing the so called Miracle on Ice of the 21st. century.

Day 8

Nothing interesting.

Day 9

-<>- Curling

<> Men's: Canada hands Great Britain 3rd loss, 7-6

USA Men's Curling: Nothing. This US curling team is a joke. The US fields the curling group to the satisfaction of the special interests.

-<>- Ice Hockey

In the prelim. round, Switzerland 5 Norway 4 F/SO. Joke - Hockey Energy: Eat more Swiss chocolate before the game.

-<>- Speed Skating

<> Men's 1000m:

The country of South Korea emerges as a short track speed skating powerhouse.

LEE Jung soo 1:23.747 - LEE Ho suk 1:23.801

<> USA Short Track Speed Skating presents the "Apolo Ohno Timeline": Congratulations!

<> Men's 1500m:

Gold: Mark Tuitert(NED)

USA's Shani Davis leaps over Norway's Havard Bokko by 0.03 sec. for silver.

1:46.10 to 1:46.13

Day 10

-<>- Alpine Skiing

<> Men's Super Combined, Slalom:

The Bad Boy Redemption: USA's Bode Miller wins 1st gold in his last Olympic hurrah.

-<>- Biathlon

In women's 12.5km mass, Germany's Magdalena Neuner wins big. Her 3rd. medal in Vancouver.

-<>- Ice Hockey

<> Men's in the preliminary round - Today's Games in Preview

Russia 4 Czech Republic 2 F. The Russians defended well against the Czech power plays(PP).

Canada - USA.

<> A Baby Sports Pregame Opinion: Hockey is Canada's beloved national sport. Regardless of today's outcome, both team USA & Canada will go through this preliminary stage. How do you look at this game from the tactical standpoint?

Canada 3 USA 5 F.

Canada's tactical loss or USA's convincing win?

Sweden 3 Finland 0 F.

Day 11

-<>- Ice Hockey


Sweden 1 USA 9 F. Team USA cruises into the gold medal game. Congratulations!

Canada - Finland

A Baby Sports Pregame Opinion:

O, Mad Canada: When given room to skate, the Canadians are very effective on a 4 on 4 situation. The game possession is key. Limit the turnover.

The Fighting Finns: First and foremost, it is strong goaltending. For the underdog Finns to have any chance in the semifinal contest against the powerful, well advanced Canadian team, they gotta mark tight & hit hard, playing the hard noise & disruptive hockey. The Canadians will be coming down on their RIGHT flank which is the Finns' left side. Be prepared & playing within the rules allowed. Limit the Canadian powerplay(PP) to the minimum. The Finnish counter attack.

Live score: Canada - Finland

The Canadian women team displays excellent, well advanced hockey in win over the Finns. Canada secures the place in the final this Thursday.

<> The Gold Medal Game:

USA - Canada

-<>- Cross Country Skiing

<> Women's team sprint

Wild Finish: Germany's Evi S. Stehle & Claudia Kuenzel come from behind to beat the Swedes, 18:03.7 to 18:04.3, respectively.

Day 12

-<>- Speed Skating

South Korea's bright moment:

Gold: In 10km, Lee Seung Hoon sets the Olympic record(OR) at 12:58.55, after the Sven Kramer mistake.

Day 13:

-<>- Bobsleigh: The women's

Gold & Silver: Canada's 1-2 Finish

The USA Encouragement: Team USA wins the bronze.

-<>- Curling

The Tie Breaker Game: Sweden vs. Great Britain

Sweden 7 Great Britain 6 F.

-<>- Speed Skating

<> Women's 1000m:

The Qualification Round

<> Women's 3000m Relay:

Fake Gold? Team China sets the new world record(WR) at 4:06.61

-<>- Ice Hockey


Russia 3 Canada 7 F.

USA 2 Switzerland 0 F.

Baby Sports The Odds Maker:

SUI +600
USA -900

Day 14

-<>- Hockey

<> The Gold Medal Game: The defining moment of USA hockey in the 21st. century?

Preview: Canada vs. USA

Baby Sports The Odds Maker:

USA +160
CAN -230

<> Result: Canada's Brightest Hockey Moment of 2010

Canada 2 USA 0 F.

Joke: Canada has accomplished the first leg of the 2 golden leg program: men & women teams to win the gold at Vancouver Olympics. Congratulations to the women team.

What about Canada's men hockey team? Possible upset?

Archive: The most memorable"Canada v. USA" moments at Vancouver Olympics, so far?

<> Hannah Kearney - Jennifer Heil in women's moguls

<> Seth Wescott - Mike Robertson in men's snowboarding cross.

<> A Canadian Celebration

Day 15

-<>- Hockey

<> Men's Playoffs Semifinals:

Finland battles USA

Baby Sports The Odds Maker:

FIN -140
USA +120

Result: Finland 1 USA 6 F.

Canada faces Slovakia

-<>- Speed Skating: 5,000m

The day after Canada's 2-0 victory over USA in women's hockey, the Canadians start looking for more. In 5,000m relay, team Canada tops team South Korea, 6:43.610 to 6:43.845, respectively.

Team USA wins the bronze.

-<>- Curling

<> Women's Gold Medal Game:

Sweden comes from behind to beat Canada, 7-6.

Canada took a 2 point lead, 6-4, into the 10th end but defending champs Sweden stayed cool to draw level, 6-6. In the 11th extra end, Sweden won it, 7-6.


Day 16

-<>- Curling

<> Men's Gold Medal Game

The Golden Redemption: Canada 6 Norway 3 F.

Related News from BBC Sports.

Day 17

-<>- Hockey

<> The state of USA hockey on the biggest international stage:

USA surrenders hockey gold to Canada OR USA is set to battle Canada for gold. WHICH ONE? Don't be scared.

Over the years, America's sports sometimes behaved like a big bully on home soil. America is currently home of the NHL. Playing against the Canadians in the gold medal game at Vancouver Olympics, what is the state of USA hockey?

Related News from BBC Sports , CBC Sports

Baby Sports The Odds Maker:

USA +360
CAN -410


A 3-2 win in OT: Canada conquers USA in men's hockey in the best possible way.

Archive: The women's hockey gold

-<>- The Closing Ceremonies

<> Vancouver sets the standard for future Winter Games?

<> Canada United:

To be continued.


A Baby Sports Grand Opening

This is the ONLY OFFICIAL news edition of Baby Sports, besides


-[]- In Other Sports News:

The latest on Tiger Woods

Joke: Baby Sports The Marriage Counselor

The Tiger Woods Apology Sample: I apology for making America moaned in the last few months. I was cute to some, handsome to others, full of hormons & hungry for fresh meat in the game of love. While on golf tours, the mistresses with whom I slept without my wife's consent asked me for the sperms stimulus..... From now on, I promise that I will correct myself to deserve my wife's love.

Baby Sports is funny, isn't it?

SEE Baby Sports' previous post below in Baby Sports Institute II, Baby Sports The Marriage Counselor, in the Sports section on December 17, 2009.


-[]- A Baby Sports Valentine's

-<>- There might have been conflicts, infightings, ups & downs in all aspects of life throughout the year. The one day cease-fire in a relationship: On Valentine's I, Baby Sports, would like to say to everyone, the young & old ladies, widows, disabled, divorced:"I love you."

-<>- The universal song, Vivo Per Lei, sung in several languages.


Question: What did the wife do when her husband gone wild?